Ice Melts

I open the door of my heart

tomorrow, to the crowd

and trust them not to tear me apart

and bury me in a bright shroud.

I open up over an angel

who blinded and taught

and who eventually fell

me as we fought.

I tell all,

Give all,

For you all.

For even ice melts

as warmth and sunshine

hits and pelts

it, the ice was mine,

was my cover to cower underneath

to cool me as I shook

as inside I seethed.

Even Ice melts,

its my turn

and as I present, I'll take pelts

and their attention will burn

but I do it for you.

I do it for me,

but I still do it for you too,

so you'll see

why I am the way I am

Why I don't trust y'all

because with a bam

I'll be the one to fall.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this upon deciding to clear the air to my classmates as to why I was such an emotional wreck.


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I will stand tall


Like an eagle in the sky

One day ill fly

No matter the wait

That lays in fate

I will soar

No longer afraid of the roar

I will stand tall

When once I shrunk

No longer will I lay

Like a puppet on a sting

Awaiting your beck and call

Only to fall

So easy it seems

I’m falling apart at the seams

But I will stand tall

Where I once shrunk

So here’s what

No more I say

I am my own master

Controller of my strings

My thoughts and voice

No longer will I lie

But I will stand tall

Where I once shrunk

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A Lover's Plea

If you're gonna hurt me, then hurt me

Don't tease me with the blade

Don't act like you still love me

If your decision has been made

Don't pretend that you still care for me

I'm not protected by your lies

So if you want to leave - then leave me

The worst I'll do is die

If I've changed a bit - I'm sorry

But this relationship is hard

And it doesn't help the situation

When you're throwing in the cards

If you want to trade me - then trade me

I can't hold on to a single hope

I don't like being second

Maybe I'm unstable and unable to cope

So if you're gonna love me - then love me

Don't give me a run around

But if you're gonna hurt me - I don't blame you

Cuz I'm prob'ly the worst you could have found.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another fight... Some things were said... I got scared and defensive.

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staring into the ocean

we sat on the benches

dingging our feet into the sand

i would glance

only to see you turn your head

i would do the same when i felt your eyes on me

you said you still loved me and it was like

the waves crashing onto the shore

i was over come by feelings

feeling  wet with desire

and feelings i thought  i had burried  far beneath the  ocean

but the floated back up as we sat on the beach

with the waves crashing and the lightning in the  distance

we talked for hours about  what  felt like nothing

i would stare at your lips

almost not even heaing what your said...

but i think you felt the same

beause soon enough we were locked in an ebrace

only coming up for air when absolutly neccary.

the night started inoccently enough

but ended with lustful feelings

between me and you.

im not sure what we said or did

or decided

but  i do remeber the passion a

and the fire that i once felt  for life  and  love

art and poetry

words were hard to come by

but  actions  were easy to continue

im still not sure whats going  to happen

but like the  waves that  rush out back into the  ocean far away from me

i hope that you come back

so we can talk more about polotics.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

maybe it was all a dream but it felt so real

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Flip the Hourglass

Our time has come and gone

as time illustrates it too us,

as the last grains of

sand fall to show the end,

each grain representing

a key moment in our time

but also the downfalls.

All these moments & memories

fighting to be released, to

gain what lil freedom awaits them,

sliding down on a curvaceous passage,

to places unknown, from the end of this

journey, begins a new one in familiar surroundings.

Maybe our time has not come and gone,

maybe we just needed to reverse things,

flip our time together & look at things

from another angle & begin again.

Let the grains of time once again

tell our time, down to the last grain.

Let's flip the hourglass and start again,

let each grain represent us and it will

represent us in time, and make our time

together, worth each second spent.

So as the last grain falls, do you

wanna begin again or end with out last

grain of hope... times up!!!

What you say???

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Not A Trip, But A Lifetime Journey

I have been mesmerized by strong

illuminations of monotonous trivia,

deep-fried pride and a side order

of knowledge......

bearing a mask of undying loyalty

dwelling heavily in my blooldstream


otherwise my relentless journey

to the highway of triumph

becomes rattled with fears of failure

taking a one way flight non-stop

to understanding,

hoping to have a safe landing

impacting the many faces of life

take a chance, roll the dice

you only live once.

*written 7/31/03

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I Want Both

old poems

Some days I want to love you
Most of the time it's true
But sometimes I need you to go away
And have me far from you
You treat me like a princess
Love stronger than a raging sea
Dripping diamonds of devotion
Each taking the breath from me
But each prince has a peril
And yours is plain in sight
Every loved-filled day is equally met
With a heartless, angry night
Oh, baby, I am torn here
I don't know which way to turn
Should I run, or should I stay
And watch this crash and burn?
So darlin' I don't need you
My love for you is still there
But this pain inside keeps growing
How much longer can I care?
Just when I'm about to pick up the phone
And end this once and for all
I hear your voice and reminisce
And again for you I fall
Why can't this be a half-and-half?
Why not a part-time job?
But I get another unanswered question
And another choked-back sob
I'm sorry if this sounds selfish
But I never took an oath
I want you here, I want you gone
Why can't I have both?

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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We don't know what the future will hold.

We can't see what tomorrow will bring.

Yesterday has been forgotten.

Today is all we really have.

So, say today what you forgot to yesterday,

and do now what you could do tomorrow.

There are no promoises

that you will get another chance.

When the sun goes down -

have you done all you could

and said all you meant to?

The only thing we have

is what we haven't done

and what we have done.

We will never have

what we are going to do

Unless we do it today!

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I can't get away from how I feel

It follows me everyhere

The same decisions made over again

Mistakes I never learn from, nor can repair.

I see the same cycles propelling my life

In circles unbroken

By any amount of strife.

The same desires I follow and fail

To attain what I love

As my spirit grows pale.

I know what I want,

And would do anything for it,

Though there's danger in so blind a pursuit.

All I see is my goal,

Not what is happening as a whole,

And to life's lost dreams

I give death's cold reality a salute.

I've tried that once before,

And all it brought was pain

To know there was yet another end,

However easy, I still could not gain.

Now I toast to life, in hopes of reward,

A glass half-full, in good faith be implored,

But to me it is lacking, and will always be so,

The grail that is golden holds less,

while the wooden chalice holds more,

One can melt and one can burn,

It seems that the lesson of transience

In fire I shall best learn.

Fires of passion, fires untamed,

Fires that leave all its victims badly maimed.

As if I didn't learn time ago

The lesson of impending suffering,

A consequence I surely now should now,

I submit myself once again to pain

I gladly will endure,

Because of my unfailing faith

That answers to a fading future's allure.

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