Soles of our Souls

If you had to guess how many steps a baby boy will walk throughout his life, how monolithic would your prognosis be?

The violins violently play his corrupted crescendo as the child learns to crawl and circle takes the square.

Whether it's a simple stroll to the playground or a parade to Paris or Tennessee,

I think that we can all agree to guarantee that in due time, he won't be able to walk a single step without the aid of crutches or the use of a wheel chair.

...It's less problematic to descend down a hill than it is to hike back up,

Preferring to search for a scapegoat instead of admitting blame when you sinfully spill the golden cup.

From the noble epic journeys to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to hiding in the shadows of the night on a dark, unnamed street,

You can tell a lot about a man simply by taking a look at the soles of his shoes or the bottom of his feet...

If you had to assume how many steps a man has taken so far in his existence, how enormous would your estimate approximately be?

The trumpets tragically scream their satanic sounds of salvation as Humpty Dumpty cracks his head after slipping on a banana peel.

Whether it's that blissful walk down the isle of commitment or the heartrending trip to visit the dying tree,

I'm sure that we can all imagine that in due course, he'll forfeit his weary appendages and trade them in for a plane, a train, or an automobile.

...It's less complicated to knock down Heaven's gleaming gate that it is to attempt to find the forbidden key,

Opting to sneak into eternity rather than desperately searching among the blasphemy and debris.

From wandering the mammoth maze of Manhattan to discovering self serenity atop the ancient ruins of Peru,

You can relive a man's life merely by walking around in his somnolent shoes...

If you had to deduce how many steps a great grandfather has taken in the past century of his extensive life, how immense would your hypothesis roughly be?

The drums dreadfully pound their sadistic sounds of surrender as the world ignorantly ignores the dead end signs directly ahead while indulging their stale daily bread.

Whether it's the frequent visit to his grandson's grave or the diminutive inconvenience to get up to turn on the TV,

I'm sure that this planet can lower its head and painlessly pray, allowing him to finally be free and rest in peace on the Devil's deathbed.

...It's easier to freefall down to the deepest layer of Hell than to attempt to climb the never-ending stairway to Heaven's heavy door,

Deciding to come full circle and forever run in a figure-eight, always coming back to the problems you've faced once before.

From being a vagabond in Vietnam to taking the road less traveled by,

Just by retracing some haphazard and fatigued footsteps, you can reiterate the story of any random guy...

...From a baby's first steps to his crib to the last crippled steps to his permanent six-foot-deep hole,

You can relive anyone's life by simply staring at and seeping into the sole of their soul...

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