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My Brother's Pillow




I don’t remember where it came from. I don’t remember when it appeared. Even though, I don’t remember my brother one single day without that pillow. He takes it everywhere. One could think that the favorite belonging of an almost twelve year-old kid would be a videogame console, a toy, a computer or his dog but not Alex. Alex’s most loved thing ever is his fluffy and soft pillow. This is not the kind of pillow you would rest your head on (Incredibly I don’t like how it feels when I rest my head there). It’s like those pillows you just hug when you are lying on your bed because it feels amazing. It is as soft as the softest cotton candy. Probably it is as soft as a cloud. A bunny would feel like a rock standing next to it. A lot of funny moments come to my mind when I think about my brother and his pillow. I’m pretty sure he’d rather being without me for a month than without that pillow for one week. I can’t judge him. We fight a lot. Nothing aggressive or violent, just those childish arguments brothers always have. So how could I be compared to the most comfortable pillow on the planet? Even I accept there’s no comparison between us. I myself have managed to steal Alex’s best-loved pillow when he’s asleep. The best way to make my brother mad, to really make him mad is to hide his pillow. You can trust me when I say that my brother prefers to sleep hugging that pillow instead of having one under his head. He’d sleep on the floor if he had to choose between sleeping on a comfortable bed with any amount of pillows but his favorite one or sleeping on the floor with it. Have you ever been asked this silly question “If you had to move to a lonely island and you could bring only one thing with you, what would it be?”  Well guess what my brother would say, yeah you are right He’d choose his pillow. His pillow for him is like a treasure chest for a captain, he appreciates it that way, like a treasure, and it’s priceless. I don’t think that my brother would never ever let it go or at least not for a long time, a really long time. And that’s it about my brother’s favorite thing on Earth.






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My Father's favorite thing

I remember one day, when I was six years old and went to my school, the teacher asked us about our favorite thing in our life, and everyone started to tell their favorite things; when my turn came, I told everyone that my favorite thing in this world was my football because I liked to play soccer with my dad after we eat. Later, in that day, when my mom picked me up, I was very excited because I wanted to play soccer with my dad that afternoon, and when he finally got to the house, we ate together with all the family and then we went out to play soccer. After a while, he asked me what have I did that day, I remembered about the question that the teacher asked us in class and I told him about it.
Then he told me: “well, that’s a pretty nice favorite thing, but mine is way too much better tan yours” then I asked him: “which is your favorite thing” and he took out his wallet and said: “It’s inside here”. And I just couldn’t believe the answer he gave me, I always have seen him taking his wallet out and grabbing a few bills to pay the stuff that we need, but I never imagined that his favorite thing in the world would be money. I didn’t know what to say so I just said to him: “Oh… ok”. After we finished playing soccer, he went inside the house and left all his things in his desk and went to the bathroom, then I enter his bedroom, looked for his wallet and found it, and when I was about to opened it, he appeared behind me and asked me: “What are you doing”, I said: “I just want to see how much money you have”, he asked me: “Why?” and then I told him: “Because I was curious that money is your favorite thing in this world, because I don´t like it that much, so I was going to see it closely to see if it has something special so I can understand the reason why you liked it so much”, then he took his wallet and opened it and he showed me a picture of my mom, my sister and me with him, it was or family, and he told me: “this is the most favorite and important thing in my life and I love them with all my heart”. Then I smiled and gave him a hug because I realized that he wasn’t talking about money, he was talking about us.

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This is my first prose poem that I have uploaded to internet.

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