Sidewalks ~

Unique Poems

We on separate blocks // we share different views // walking da same path but wearing different shoes // I'm walking forward // while u doing side walks // I'm writing with my pen // u writing with ur chalk // I'm focus on da outcome // u focused on da income // u trying stay underground // I'm trying to overcome // I'm living in my future // u living in my past // u living life fast // while I'm living life last // I struggle & succeed while u struggle to succeed // u get money every week // I get money every year // futuristic paper dat builds up my career // we on different climates // on different atmospheres // breathing different air // but we cry da same tear // becuz we share da same fear // dat one day one of us will disappear // cuz even tho every thing jus seems unclear we both still remember yesteryear // wen we both used to cheer // wen we both had to steer & share da same ear // but now dat there're dead we only have us // both of us sharing dat distrust // but it doesn't matter we're blood brothers who talk // even tho we walking on separate sidewalks ~


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