My Dear Dead Brother

Go ahead and cry for me
But if you really wanted me
You wouldn't have come back
You wouldn't have haunted me

I don't need you here
I need to move on
But I can't do that
Unless you're gone

I buried a part of me
when I buried you
That part has to die
Or I won't make it through

Rest in peace, little solider
But let me alone
Can't see you see
I'll do just fine on my own

I love you dearly
but I'll never see you again
So rest in peace
All good things must end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'A dream. All a dream, That ends in nothing.' thats all death is.

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A Bit of History for You

A Bit of History for You

Rise my brothers rise!
Rise up until the other side meets their demise!
Let us take back what is rightfully ours!
Let us venture forth and unit Europes western powers!
Let those who once fought against brothers and relatives now rightfully fight against barbarians!
Acting swift and just, we will end their reign of totalitarian!
Seizing victory for our Lord screaming "Deus Vult"!
Riding through the fires of war still shouting "Deus Vult"! "Deus Vult"!

A Rhyming Thingy

A Rhyming Thingy

Laying; staring into the corners of my box room
Ceasing at the slightest sound of movement, only to slowly resume
Letting my mind run as I glance at the bright numbers nearby
Wondering when deaths brother will come taketh me away from where I lie
Waiting, watching, the hour seems endless
But there is no other option nonetheless
Why must I endure this?
Why can't I escape my own mental furnace?
All I can do is lie and wait
Wait for Death's brother to quickly change my mental state
The evensong has almost been sung, still I reside, still I lie
Forever trapped in my own mind's eye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

there ya go!

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He Is There

Some nights are cold, some days are dark,
Some are more than I can bare.
But it's not so bad, not so scary,
knowing he is there.

Walking alone down a dusty highway,
the wind rustling through my hair.
Non walk's too long, nor too lonely,
remembering he is there.

There are days I want to give up, end it all,
crying in pain and despair.
But wounds do heal, tears do dry,
because he is there.

A lifetime of joy, a lifetime of memories,
a life beyond compare.
None of it seems right, none of it seems fair,
knowing he can never be there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about my would-be brother, who was miscarried and never made it into the world.

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