The Angel and The Beast

My Love

I once loved an angel
A pretty mystery
Who took joy
In her freedom to fly
Far above life’s pains
Never tied to anyone
Never sorrow known
Never a tear on her face
Never sadness shown

Then she met me
A sorry, troubled beast
Who once had loved another
But lost her to the wind
Whose wings were firm and strong
And whose heart was hard as steel
But melted at the sight of her
Stood in awe at the sight of her

She tied herself to me
And gave to me her wings
Never to fly once more
Never again to leave
But I knew she was meant to fly
And like a bird in a cage
Although she sang so sweetly
I could easily see her pain

So I give you my wings my angel
Don’t cry for me anymore
I made my choice
Now you can fly
Through the sky once more
And when you come back down
Remember me
I’ll be here
With scars you won’t see
Where my wings used to be
But I’ll smile all the same
And quietly call your name
Because redemption you were to me
For all eternity

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kind of like my own twist on the Beauty and The Beast theme. Enjoy

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reliefpoet09xx's picture

Great Poem

I love what you did with the Beauty and the Beast theme. It's a very beautiful poem.

Seraphim's picture

Thanks, it was easy to write

Thanks, it was easy to write about.... putting myself int the beast's position, and then writing about a friend. Thank you for commenting. ~Seraphim~

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