What Goes Around Comes Around

In a very small house in the meadow, lived a happy family of rabbits. The lovely family was made up of mother rabbit, father rabbit, the oldest sibling, Peter, and his younger siblings. During an ordinary evening, while the family was getting everything ready for dinner a tragic event took place. Mother rabbit and father rabbit were preparing a carrot based dinner and Peter and his siblings were waiting at the table when suddenly, two yellow bright eyes appeared on the window. “Go hide now and don’t make any noise”, yelled father rabbit. Every member of the family quickly went to hide, but for most of the family it was useless. A big, hungry coyote took down the door of their little house and without any trouble found and ate every rabbit except Peter, who the coyote didn’t manage to find. Suddenly, from one second to another, there was Peter, all alone in his hiding place, with no family left. He stayed there for weeks, without eating or sleeping, until one day he started thinking. “Why does it has to be this way?”, he wondered. “I refuse to keep being seen as the prey.”

One day, Peter reunited the whole rabbit community and explained to them that it was time for them to take action. Everyone agreed without thinking it twice. The problem was that they thought themselves as weak, and though they didn’t stand a chance against their predators. The words spoken that day by Peter started spreading around. All kinds of animals that were preys too started to hear about what Peter was trying to do and a desire to join this movement that started to grow in them. Birds, rabbits, deer, mice, elephants, zebras and many other kinds of animals started to gather now and then to discuss this topic. They gathered by the lake so that even fish could listen. They would work together and defend each other as if they were the same species. Every animal used their special skill to defend the rest. They realized that together they were stronger than they thought. Everything was going great, all types of animals working together to help and protect each other, but things started to get out of hand. They reached a point where they were doing too much damage. They did not only protect themselves, but also started to harm and even kill other animals that used to be their predators. Some animals even started to torture whole families of predator species without remorse. Suddenly they realized they had become exactly what they were fighting against in the first place. Things were out of control and even the lions, bears, coyotes and other strong animals were afraid of them and feared for their families. “We’ve become what we feared, we’ve become what we hate.” realized the animals that used to be preys. Peter, the same rabbit who had started the revolution, felt responsible. Finally, he decided to go talk to a coyote, which was the hardest decision of his life, since a coyote was actually responsible for what happened to his family and the reason he started the revolution in the first place. At first they both felt scared of each other, but then Peter had the courage to tell the coyote that he felt extremely sorry for what happened, but he also explained the reason why he started the revolution in the first place, so the coyote realized that he and the other predators were part of the problem, so he talked to them and they also agreed and understood their reasons, so then preys and predators got together to discuss the problem and agreed that the solution to the problem was mutual respect, so they made a pact where they would not harm each other and everything was solved.

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Vampire Weekend


Animal instincts kick in

Preying in the night begins

No beat to a drum dwelling within

Only raging needs, wild in sin

The need to feed tonight


Endangered kind making a change

Consuming handfuls with no shame

These teeth and claws have no range

The need to feed tonight


Glowing eyes see the coming dawn

Once a lively town vanished, gone

The need to feed tonight


Hidden until the moment is right

The need to feed tonight

I punched that demon right in her fiery loins

I have fallen prey.
For I am just unlucky.
I wish to go away,
But lustful demons,
Lie in wait.
I wish I was home.
I went to some party far from home.
Where alcohol mixed with underage women fall prey,
To the drunken, and perverted who wait,
For one of these girls to get unlucky.
Helpless I watch, drinking, surrounded by demons.
If only they would leave me alone and go away.
I walk away.
From this sinful home.
I am still followed by demons.
Circling me like vultures prey.
Their timing is unlucky.
I turn around, and wait.
"Where ya going, wait!"
"Why are you going away?"
"How unlucky."
"Your ex-fiancé left you. Take us home!"
I do not wish to fall prey,
To the lust of demons.
Pretty, young, hormone raged, alcohol induced, horny demons.
These party girls did not wait.
Man eaters they consume their prey.
I ask them nicely to go back, and go away.
There is not enough room in my home.
"It's a shame, how unlucky."
My friends say I am unlucky.
I have no business with my demons.
I am finally home,
And away,
From falling prey.
To fall prey is an unlucky,
Fate to turn away the demons,
That wait at home.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this sestina at work inspired by a christmas party I went to after my ex-fiancé left me.

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Just For Fun

Out in the open

But nobody sees

Invisible in the forest

Among the trees

Invisibly watching

And yet unseen

People walk by

And never even know

That they passed by

Another bloke

Watching, waiting

Anticipating the prey

And when it comes

It won’t notice me

All because

Of camoflauge

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Huntress Moon i

Wulfman Adventures

The sun still shines
Making the snow a glistening mirror
Blinding, staggering
Yet I paw forward
The strength boiling within me
Rippling my fur in a throaty growl

I chase the facade man, the broken relic
All is useless when I am no longer that persona
Under the Huntress Moon, I trail the hunted prey

Clouds of frosty breath escapes the panting mouth
Eyes bleak, focusing and locking
For the prey is at hand, then a hand touches me

Caressing my shoulder, calming down the wulf rage
In puzzle moment, I look to the left seeing only a ghost
A ghost among a sea of ghost

I am a hunter being haunted, I am full of life
A pulsing heart in the dead world I call the Highway
I am a target, as I march forth after the one prey that matters

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Mark, Set... Go...

Wulfman Adventures

The snow swirling around
Dancing a ballet around me
Dizzy, slow breathing
Overwhelmed, fast racing heart
Blood slowing, a statue in the frozen tundra
Eyes gazing all around, ears listening

Then there is first soft crunching
Finally the rapid snow crunch of fright

The chase is on

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My Work

Vulture's thirst,
rapier vision.
Grace reversed,
Stoic mass,
Upper class,

Poisoned weather,
breath is tiring.
Clung together,
mute inquiring.

In formation,
hunger blinds.
Sweet oblation,
blood is wine.
Helpless screams,
rendered faint.
Crimson dreams,
splattered paint.

Jealous treasure,
wounded beast.
Sate your pleasure,
in the feast.

We won't pardon,
those who transgress,
God's special wardens,
when they won't confess.

So can we the guilty,
in His Court today,
deny we're as filthy,
as dark birds of prey?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Judge not.....

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