us and yet me

What would we do

if it wasn't for you

are able to find

many things to wit i am blind


Subjectivity in reality

consensus agree criticaly

That on this planet

life occures as we know it


Where would we be

if we forgot to see

that through your eyes

Your owened truth applies


collective individualism

has broken a prison

nothing is off course

in what we endorse


We struggle to understand

as we all demand

we all want to be

both us and just me.

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one out of
every two
means to me
that we need
to start trying
to accept each
other for
what we are,
or just stop
doing it.


6:10 PM 5/6/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about males and females.

Serenity Smiles by dfx

 There is no greater gift a man can recieve then that of a smile from the one that he adores

When she holds him and looks deep into his eyes, giving him that sweet smile that she reserves just for him, she can lift him to immense hieghts

And at that moment, nothing else matters and time stands still

Without a word he knows she loves him

In the tenderness of the night
A man feels complete lying beside the one with that loving smile

Both wanting to be so close that they touch the entire length of their bodies

His face nestled in her hair with an arm wrapping her dearly

His chest pressed against her back so their hearts may beat as one

Her bottom and his pelvis slow dance to a romantic rythem of passion and desire

Legs intertwined so even their feet and toes can caress the others

They are spooning

In the serenity of the moment just before sleep

When nothing else matters and time stands still, he is smiling

Without a word

she knows he loves her

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Our eyes when we meet open
another Space outside space
another Time outside of time—the Day

has become an immense transparency
of blue Sky and emerald Blossoms:
the original Garden.

Out of the tides of Morn, you are born
like Venus before my eyes,

your voice--

a gathering of waters that give shape
to the World. As the day enwraps our bodies
in a garment of Delight, our lips together come

to consecrate the Day.