The Skin We Wear

Just a thought!

Who's to say why we wear fake skin,

Is it pain from the past, is it something within?

What has engaged us to falsely pretend,

Are we always afraid, is our skin just too thin?

We hide behind walls to keep us secluded,

From past complications our fears have eluded.

Someday all the shadows will come to an end...

And a brighter tomorrow will bring us new skin.

   by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Skin We Wear"

Hard to Swallow'

Just a thought!

When your soul begins to shutter

and the tears run down your face,

When your heart takes on a different form

To escape your fall from grace,

The emptiness you feed upon

The hate which makes you thrive,

Seclusion soon will bury you...

                              and swallow you alive'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hard to Swallow'........This message brought to you by.."A.F.T.E.R"       ...Alternatives for tomorrow's epic renewal'