Open Garden

An abandoned land remains out here

Nothing more may grow from there

Roam paths that trigger of days past

A place we got lost in; divided

It was bright past the gates that were open

Didn’t see a fog that was patiently lurking

Wish we had stopped there, prevented an undoing

Felt ominous whispers through my skin

Feel those claws clenching still

Back then it was evergreen

Me as a pauper and you as my queen

Could’ve laid on blossomed flowers

Who then may have foreseen

Thought we would prosper, link hearts

Stuck between a kiss, surely

Evermore let our love loop in a time machine

Wished upon countless stars, that

Haven't been, and were never seen

As the haze grew, it was swaying me 

Descried a reflection that I didn’t know

A monster stood glaring, shocked and

I realized, it was, it is, me

Tear apart our love was something

Never thought I could muster to do

Somewhere along in the shadows, I lost

It all faded, you’re not here no more

How hard to try and find a way back

Every part of us taken in the deluge

Was lost yet never found, empty

Is my body that forgets to breathe, empty

The life that leads round back to bliss

Where were you, Where were you,

When I truly needed you, how it all

Became like this, truly I do not know

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This is beautiful, great poem!

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I agree, very much so.

I agree, very much so.


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