Sun and Moon

I love you

I love you how the plants love the sun

And how the moon loves the earth

I love you from a far

And you have no idea what you do to me

But you make the ocean in my mind

Create waves that destroy my world

And the seeds blossom into vibrant roses

Full of color

Full of life

But at the same time you are the man with the clippers

Clipping each rose of love you have grown

And giving them

To someone else

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Roses from me to you

Roses are red ,  violets are blue.

I've tried to say this thousand times ,

but .....

I guess I've been to scared too.


I've might of done this a million times

, but I swear it's different with you.

The reason I use this classic line

, because it represents I am me

And you are you.


Truth is I don't care about that...

I'm into you and your perfect to me.

I get every rose has it's thorns 

,but forgets it's beauty shines through 

No matter what the case.


I know we've gone our own ways ,

But hopefully the paths we take 

Lead to us being together at the end.

I would not have any other way.



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