To Be With You

Like the bees need the honey dew
And the dark needs the light
All I want is to be with you
Cause I care for you with all my might

Though I just met you a week ago
I would simply like to say
Being with you makes my heart flow
From day to day

I'm afraid that I might fall in love
Looking at the twinkle in your eye's
Sparkling like the stars above
Drifting romantically through the skies

How I would like to kiss your sweet lips
And caress your soft skin
I beg you don't let my heart rip
Stand beside me and hold it in

You’re pure as a white cloud
To walk with you I would be proud
You’re sweet and beautiful
Your kindness is plentiful

For the rest of my life I want to be with you!

By: Wayne Hoss

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