Could you, would you?

Love & Romance

I'm looking for a girlfriend, someone who's true,
She must like to be spoiled, and treated good too.
Someone who isnt..., afraid to be loved...
She will be the one, I'm always thinking of ..
She should like to talk, instead of argue and  fight
She should like to cuddle, morning, noon and night!
She must enjoy sex, and like to take charge sometimes
That's the kind of woman, I want to have as mine.
She should be honest and faithful, just like me,
Devoted and attentive, and as compassionate as can be.
I would love her forever, and she'd never be abused
I'd not call her bad names, or make her feel used.
So... do you know someone, or could you be she?
That would enjoy being loved, by a man, just like me?

PAUL A. POSNEY - 12/26/2019

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