Too Late

Things left alone often Wither,

those whom love often put on a blinder.

Is it cliche to speak of death as an enemy that steals one so soon?

Is it death that conquers all?

Or is it one that says "Nothing could ever happen"

so they live like that everyday?

Is it silly to say that perhaps one that was fluffy with a tail is loved so much,

once dead would bring a world of tears?


Remember when he was sick and I said

"oh he's fine nothing could ever happen."

But then two months later he's sick and dying.

Too late to save, why did you wait?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I actually write this poem about my cat.

I was up one night and he kept coughing, I started crying and wrote this. 

Dont worry, he is still alive healthy and happy.

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*To My Kitty Cat*

Trisha m. Barrek Hopkins
Dedicated to Tops from Tree Tops Pool at Fernwood Resorts 

I miss my little kitty cat 
He loves me so 
Each day he would purr and fall asleep on my lap 
The trust he has in me only i know 

Its not fair 
When i left work i had to leave him behind 
Nobody knows for him just how much i care 
A special kitty cat like him again ill never find 
My life with him i want to forever share 

My father he doesn't understand 
He doesn't know i cry at night 
Tops is not coming home is all he demands 
So the memory of my kitty cat i hold on tight 


I will never forget 
Every morning i would call and there he is to greet 
I do want to thank god that kitty and i met 
But i don't understand my kitty why couldn't i keep 


It is so hard to go on each day 
Without seeing his cute tiny face 
I hope he's safe and warm this to God i pray 
In my heart he holds a special place


No matter where i go 
I will never really forget the day i had to say good-bye 
I didn't abandon my kitty i hope God will let him alone 
And my heart still will ache and cry 


I send to my kitty cat 
All the love i can give 
He will always be my very best friend 
A happy and healthy life i hope he will live 
I want him to know I will love him beyond life's end 



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