*To My Kitty Cat*

Trisha m. Barrek Hopkins
Dedicated to Tops from Tree Tops Pool at Fernwood Resorts 

I miss my little kitty cat 
He loves me so 
Each day he would purr and fall asleep on my lap 
The trust he has in me only i know 

Its not fair 
When i left work i had to leave him behind 
Nobody knows for him just how much i care 
A special kitty cat like him again ill never find 
My life with him i want to forever share 

My father he doesn't understand 
He doesn't know i cry at night 
Tops is not coming home is all he demands 
So the memory of my kitty cat i hold on tight 


I will never forget 
Every morning i would call and there he is to greet 
I do want to thank god that kitty and i met 
But i don't understand my kitty why couldn't i keep 


It is so hard to go on each day 
Without seeing his cute tiny face 
I hope he's safe and warm this to God i pray 
In my heart he holds a special place


No matter where i go 
I will never really forget the day i had to say good-bye 
I didn't abandon my kitty i hope God will let him alone 
And my heart still will ache and cry 


I send to my kitty cat 
All the love i can give 
He will always be my very best friend 
A happy and healthy life i hope he will live 
I want him to know I will love him beyond life's end 



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