Thoughts On The Government Murder Euphemistically Called Execution



Executions kill the prisoner but cannot resurrect the victim.

They only continue the cycle of violence.


Numerous studies indicate a death penalty does not deter killing.


A prisoner on death row has often acted in hot passion, perhaps under the spell of alcohol or toxic antidepressant drugs. But an execution judge murders with cold premeditation.


What is a death qualified jury? An unconstitutionally constituted jury from which prosecutors exclude any compassionate abolitionists.


In excluding abolitionists, prosecutors and judges deny the right of a defendant to a jury of his or her peers.

The state cannot give life but demands the right to take it. -Frederick C Davis & Harry O Hoyt

Why are African American jurors excluded by many prosecutors? Because they are more merciful.


Judge no one, we are told. Only God is omniscient. No one else has all the data.


Execution judges have their gavels and pens as murder weapons

Like ancient Caesars they turn thumbs down on pleas for mercy.'


As most who eat meat delegate the murder of the animal to a slaughterhouse worker, so most judges prosecutors and parole boards delegate the murder of a prisoner.


Prosecutors have often put their careers ahead of ethics and have often executed innocent men and women.


Now in the US for the first time those who oppose the death penalty are 60% of the population.


Prosecutorial lynching included the use of jailhouse snitches, a term for cellmates or jailmates who will lie in order to receive favors such as early release from prison.


War which is a death penalty sentence for millions desentizes to execution and vice versa


Some state supreme courts have are composed entirely of whites. At least one parole board has been all white males, many employed by the privatized prison system.


The current 6 Republican justices on SCOTUS define themselves as 'prolife'. They are in favor of fetal rights but not of the right to life of prisoners, victims of illegal wars, animals in slaughterhouses.

Supreme Court justices at present are unelected. They serve for life. These unelected persons can quash the will of the vast majority, hundreds of millions of sovereign individuals


Executions cost a state millions of dollars. Former governor Robert Taft of Ohio, great grandson of President Taft, is one of many Republicans who have changed their minds because of factors such as the execution of innocents and the expense.


Fewer will be guilty of contempt of the present Supreme Court when executions and ratification of torture cease, when money is no longer classified as speech, when wars are not rubber stamped.

Agatha Christie: Judges murder within the law.


Sister Helen Prejean: No one is the worst moment in his life.


Elizabeth George: (the loved ones) of a murder victim like to project guilt onto someone else. Those who work to execute the killers of their loved ones are choosing the dead over their living loved ones. They keep rubbing the sore (of the crime) rather than engaging in healing.


American Bar Association: Executions are racially and economically biased (the poor and not the rich who kill are executed).  The ABA found many to be incompetent in preserving DNA evidence while a death row inmate remains behind bars. There hasn't been police interrogations recorded and no state has met ABA standards inproviding counsel for indigent prisoners.


A black man on death row is 3.8 times more likely than a white man to be executed.


P G Wodehouse when responding to someone who used racist speech:
"I don't hate in plurals." -
Saint of Shirdi: Bullets do not eliminate darkness.
Amnesty Internation:  UN opposition to death penalty grows.https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2020/12/un-opposition-to-the-death-penalty-continues-to-grow/


As only 5 states, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas, all with Republican governors, only 10% of US states, executed prisoners in 2020. There were 13 federal executions, almost double the 4 in TX, and 1 each in the other 4 states. Internationally, only 20 of 195 countries murdered prisoners in 2020. It is time to elect 1 justice every 1 or 2 years . The US instituted direct election of US senators a century ago. It has long been time for direct election of justices.



Whether one is a believer, agnostic or atheist, in every faith and ethical system are those who oppose death chambers.

Some Christians support politicians and judges who kill prisoners.

Jesus stopped an execution in progress. "Let him without sin cast the first stone."

David was never executed, though in lust he deliberately sent the husband of the woman he desired

to the front lines.

Cain was not executed for killing Abel in jealousy.

Moses was not executed for killing the Egyptian in anger.

Paul was not executed for killing Christians in obedience to a violent government.

Governor Jesse Ventura said when he ended Minnesota executions, as others had said before him "Thou shalt not kill is not asterisked with



God is infinite mercy.








(Since 2004, the FDA has required a warning on all antidepressants because of their correlation to
homicides and suicides)



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Going Back In Time



The present US attorney general

wants to bring back firing squads and


while only 10% of US states in 2020 and

only 20 of 195 countries in 2019

have conducted prisoner murder



Michigan hasn't had an execution since 1837, Wisconsin none since 1853, Maine none since 1887.

On Dec 10, 2020 Brandon Bernard after 21 years in jail was

murdered because of the actions of the 'prolife' AG, the 'prolife' resident of the White House, and the 5 'prolife' Republican Catholics and 1 'prolife' Republican Episcopalian on the Supreme Court.

Not since 1889 until this month has a lame duck administration murdered a federal prisoner. The prisoner was a black man sentenced by an allwhite federal jury.


The Huffington Post reported that 5 of 9 surviving jurors who

sentenced Bernard to death asked for clemency as did his prosecutor, several congresspersons, 23 current and former prosecutors, the editorial board of the Washington Post, and lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr.


 Premeditation has evolved to have the connotation of violence while meditation is a spiritual exercise promoting peace and nonviolence. Judges

on the Supreme Court have become serially killing exectioners premeditating

their murder of prisoners, with a pen as the weapon.


"The state cannot give life but demands the right to take it."  Frederick C Davis and

   Harry O Hoyt'

None of us should be judged by the worst moments in our lives.   Helen Prejean.


Charles Darwin called judicial execution an act of premeditated murder and termed those humans who clamor for capital punishment hyenas.

Agatha Christie: "The judge murders within the law". Some report the family may now have 'closure'. There is no closure in

vengeful continuation of the cycle of violence.





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Mercy In Tennessee



Edmund Zagorski received no
mercy but electrocution.
Edmund Zagorski received no
mercy but execution.
Footnote:  Update:
 Gov Haslam denied mercy for Ed Zagorski.
6 jurors from Mr. Zagorski’s trial had asked the Tennessee governor Haslam to commute his sentence to life without parole. The jurors had unconstitutionally been prevented from giving that sentence in 1984. Zagorski worked to rehabilitate himself, is remorseful about his action and has had no disciplinary issues in 34 years of incarceration. God give Zagorski mercy. He has asked that if the state refuses mercy he be electrocuted/  Now Governor Bill Lee is still executing

Governor Bill Lee
1st Floor, State Col
Nashville, TN 37243

Abolition websites:
Only 8 of 50 US states murdered prisoners in 2018. 42 refused.
All eight have Republican governors while the 2016 Democratic platform called for an end to execution. The 8 states are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas. Ohio is the only northern state involved. Follwoing are
groups working to end prisoner murder and align the US with the
over 81% of the world which does not execute.

Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

South Dakota


Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty: Home
US Natl www.ncadp.org/
Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking




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7 Ways Warmonger Executioner Mike DeWine, GOP Candidate, Has Poisoned Ohio Water



7 Ways Warmonger Executioner Mike DeWine, GOP Candidate, Has Poisoned Ohio Water



Richard Cordray, Democratic candidate for Ohio governor, is endorsed by President Obama, Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and countless others working for fiscal integrity, environmental action, women's rights, an end to Trump's child kidnapping etc. 7 Ways Mike DeWine Helped Poison Ohio Water

Ohio Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine Helped Make Ohio A Fracking Waste Cesspool

Now there are over 600 injection wells for the toxic water in Ohio, as compared to 7 in Pennsylvania and 65 in West Virginia. The poisoning ot the watershed and continuation of Ohio earthquakes (over 800 in the Youngstown area alone) have been some effects of Ohio fracking. Ohio may be 2nd only to Scott Pruitt's and Jim Inhofe's Oklahoma which has had 5000 fracking earthquakes, including the biggest earthquake ever in Oklahoma.

Other areas of inaction or toxic action by Ohio Republicans include
a. the lead in the pipes of many Ohio communities, including Sebring.
b. the attempt of the Army Corps of Engineers to dump toxic waste into Lake Erie
c. the poisoning of Ohio streams with nicotinic insecticide and fecal matter from Ohio's
factory farms.
d. the lack of effective regulation of fertilizer runoff
e. inactivity re many toxic dump sites from factory pollution

f. DeWine's office and the Ohio legislature have worked to remove the right of local communities to ban fracking.

Mike DeWine was a cocreator of the Iraq War as a G W Bush operative senator. He has with his court cases argued for the rejailing of an innocent prisoner despite judges demanding the prisoner's release. He has argued for execution, helping make Ohio the only Northern state in the last few years to murder prisoners. He has supported the child kidnapping, warmongering, deficit increasing Donald Trump.

DeWine's son Patrick, a judge on the executioner Ohio Supreme Court, has refused to recuse himself in cases involving his father before the court, as Antonin Scalia failed to recuse himself in 2000 though his 2 sons were attorneys for the Bush campaign.

Please, Ohioans, vote for Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton for Ohio governor and lieutenant governor.
They are endorsed by President Barack Obama, Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, countless environmentalists, consumer
activists etc.

saiom shriver

http://www.shakyground.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/shakyground-cover. See also:


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Federalist Society Puts 7 Executioners On List



Of the nominees for the

Supreme Court submitted

by Leonard Leo and the


all seven are

are executioners

... everyone on the list


saiom shriver

I Die - February 15, 2012

Chapter One

I'm drowning in this ocean of pain,

And burning in this acid rain.

I'm falling through memories;

Slowly killing me, is this disease.


Every night I try to change,

What thoughts run through my head.

But I cannot help,

To what events this may have lead.


It kills me every time,

I have to say goodbye,

To the times with no pain;

No suffering in vain.


I die from bleeding inside,

The blood pours on the floor.

I die from fatal suicide,

I couldn't take it anymore.


I took a kitchen knife,

Or a razor and a lighter.

I ended my life;

I was never any fighter.


I've given up on life,

I've given up on me.

I've given up on everything;

Said it cannot be.


I've ended my being,

All so you could be free.

I want you to see,

As I end all of me.


Now that I'm no more,

My corpse lies on the floor.

Now that I never speak again,

Will you have the strength I never gained?


My end, though,

Was a group contribution.

It was thanks to me, and to them,

That led to my execution.


Our hearts, our love, it never bends,

But this is how my story ends.

I understand if you cried,

If you hurt when I died.


But listen to me now,

You still have time,

Before the pain overcomes

Your whole being, like mine.


Run away from it all,

Run away from your past.

I may be dead,

But you will still last.


Everything will be all right,

I promise you that, dear.

I'll be in your heart every night;

My spirit will lay near.


For the rest of your life,

For the rest of forever,

I can't ever let you forget,

When we were together.


Every once in a while,

Will you think of me?

The memories will last,

They will always be.


It was not at all your fault,

That I don't live anymore.

I was my own and others;

You I'll always adore.


Many years will have passed,

And I will be forgot.

You'll live a better life,

Now that I've died and rot.

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Monster of a Man

My Mum was a barmaid and my brother was a clown

In a miserable dump of a mining town.


The harbour smelt like mould

and the houses looked like brothels

and the cats killed your dogs and the drunkards pissed in bottles.


My school was a dump

and the children picked on me

and the ceiling had a leak

and the teacher had no teeth.


But I didn't attend for long,

and I wasn't exactly sad

but my mother needed help

 because my brother had gone mad.

You see, my brother was a clown

In a shitty little circus

Which was paradise for prostitutes,

for drunkards and for perverts.


Plus, my brother a good clown,

but others were pretty crap

so the Circus lost their customers

and that was the end of that.


So my dearest older brother

lost his job and joined my mum,

serving ale to vulgar lowlifes,

taking money from the Scum.


Despite all this, there was no money

nor was there food upon our plates

So Mum told me "Nell, you're twelve now,

so you should start pulling your weight."


I didn't want to do this,

But I really had no choice,

And the Lord Mayor offered me a job

In a most remarkable place.


My job was very dangerous and I'm sure it was a crime,

to send a little girl into The Lilac Mine.


The Mine was cold and slippery,

not to mention rather dark,

But I had to hold the lanterns,

for the Miners' while they worked.


And you might call me crazy,

But I know what I heard,

A gypsy band was singing

Which I know sounds quite absurd,


So I tried not to dwell on it,

Because I had to work,

But I was sure that I'd heard songs

Similar to those before...


One night, I hid behind a pile

of coal and waited 'til

all the Miners had gone home

and I was sat in the darkness still.


I ventured down the darkest parts

of the Lilac Mine,

I could hear the songs and smell the scents

of meat and scotch and wine.


This is where my life began to disintegrate to dust,

I don't wish to continue, but really I must.


At the bottom of the mine, I found

A cold, colossal cave

Inhabited by people who looked like

A mauve parade.


Dozens upon dozens of them jumping around and whooping,

purple clothes and purple hair

They saw me and started smiling.


"Join us, little blonde girl,

come and eat some human scraps,

Boiled leg or skewered neck?

Perhaps some belly fat?"


I stupidly joined them for dinner,

which was absolutely strange,

for we were eating human brains

and the Purples were deranged.


The leader was a sprightly man,

They called him Olly Plum.

He sang the songs and played guitar

and was loved by everyone.


The others were his brothers

and his multitude of wives,

but his daughter Violet reminded me

of an old friend of mine.


One summer, when I was seven,

I knew a girl called Sally.

We were close companions

'til they found her dead in an alley.


The thing about Violet was

not that she was kind,

although she was, and funny and crazy,

but she acted like a child.


She danced when her father sang,

and her brothers played the drums,

Her family adored her,

but none more than Olly Plum.


Although I loved their music,

I was a little scared.

What if they wanted to eat me?

Oh well. No-one would have cared.


I sang with them until Midnight,

by which time I was very tired

I'd hoped my Mum would be sleeping,

but she was waiting by the fire.


"Where the hell have you been?!

I've been worried sick!"

"I'm sorry Mum, I just got lost,

took a wrong turn into a ditch!"


"That'll explain the state of you. Off you go to bed!

Be sure to come home early tomorrow or trust me, you'll be dead!"


I knew my Mum was angry,

but I couldn't have cared less,

because I knew the Purples

would have caused me less distress.


I decided I would live with them,

and play their music too.

In hindsight, it was stupid and I'm sure

You think it was too.


I went to work and returned to the cave

on the day I turned Thirteen.

I asked to join their band

and Violet gave me a tambourine.


"We'll be just like sisters," she whispered to me that night.

But as she came close, I saw in her eyes, something which gave me a fright.


The Purples' eye were purple too!

And that's what made me scared.

If I stayed here and my eyes turned mauve,

would my vision be impaired?


Apparently not. You see, I asked

 Olly Plum, who said,

that the colour of their eyes

was nought to do with their homestead.


"Purple" was a curse of hate,

the townsfolk were to blame.

They chased them into The Lilac Mine

to the Purples' utter shame.


"Why Purple, though?" I asked him.

And he answered: it's what becomes

of us people, who are pelted with

the stones and pulp of plums!


I took his word for gospel,

and lived happily with his crew...

But one day, I saw in my reflection

that my eyes were purple too!


"What is this?!" I cried. "What's happened to me?

I've caught the Purple Curse!"

"Relax," said Violet, "Your eyes are purple,

your life could be much worse!"


She couldn't have been more right, you see,

For things began to change.

We'd eaten lots of townsfolk,

so the Mayor had a Search arranged!


One night at eleven,

Us Purples tried to be quiet,

but one person who could not sit still

was my darling Best Friend, Violet.


She stood up and danced and we begged her to stop

But her feet and arms kept going.

Then, the search party found us all

And the next moment: we were screaming.


The Townsfolk were ruthless and hit the Purples'

on their heads.

I begged a Gentleman to stop,

but he arrested me instead!


My brother Clown, restored to sanity

Bought me from my cell.

I was relieved, but then he told me

that the Purples were condemned to hell.


At their execution, The Magistrate roared:

"These cannibals now shall  hang!"

 But I screamed and I cried and I yelled at him:



The first to meet the gallows

Was my darling Violet, who smiled.

"Don't worry, dear Nell. We're both going to hell,

so we'll only be apart for a while!"


The rope met her neck and the townsfolk rejoiced

that this monster would soon be dead.

A masked man pulled the leaver and the whole world could hear

the "snap" which had broken her neck.


I live with my mother, and whenever she hits me

I can hear poor Violet's neck snap.

They have closed Lilac Mine, but whenever I see it,

Part of me wants to go back...





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