Thoughts On The Government Murder Euphemistically Called Execution



Executions kill the prisoner but cannot resurrect the victim.

They only continue the cycle of violence.


Numerous studies indicate a death penalty does not deter killing.


A prisoner on death row has often acted in hot passion, perhaps under the spell of alcohol or toxic antidepressant drugs. But an execution judge murders with cold premeditation.


What is a death qualified jury? An unconstitutionally constituted jury from which prosecutors exclude any compassionate abolitionists.


In excluding abolitionists, prosecutors and judges deny the right of a defendant to a jury of his or her peers.

The state cannot give life but demands the right to take it. -Frederick C Davis & Harry O Hoyt

Why are African American jurors excluded by many prosecutors? Because they are more merciful.


Judge no one, we are told. Only God is omniscient. No one else has all the data.


Execution judges have their gavels and pens as murder weapons

Like ancient Caesars they turn thumbs down on pleas for mercy.'


As most who eat meat delegate the murder of the animal to a slaughterhouse worker, so most judges prosecutors and parole boards delegate the murder of a prisoner.


Prosecutors have often put their careers ahead of ethics and have often executed innocent men and women.


Now in the US for the first time those who oppose the death penalty are 60% of the population.


Prosecutorial lynching included the use of jailhouse snitches, a term for cellmates or jailmates who will lie in order to receive favors such as early release from prison.


War which is a death penalty sentence for millions desentizes to execution and vice versa


Some state supreme courts have are composed entirely of whites. At least one parole board has been all white males, many employed by the privatized prison system.


The current 6 Republican justices on SCOTUS define themselves as 'prolife'. They are in favor of fetal rights but not of the right to life of prisoners, victims of illegal wars, animals in slaughterhouses.

Supreme Court justices at present are unelected. They serve for life. These unelected persons can quash the will of the vast majority, hundreds of millions of sovereign individuals


Executions cost a state millions of dollars. Former governor Robert Taft of Ohio, great grandson of President Taft, is one of many Republicans who have changed their minds because of factors such as the execution of innocents and the expense.


Fewer will be guilty of contempt of the present Supreme Court when executions and ratification of torture cease, when money is no longer classified as speech, when wars are not rubber stamped.

Agatha Christie: Judges murder within the law.


Sister Helen Prejean: No one is the worst moment in his life.


Elizabeth George: (the loved ones) of a murder victim like to project guilt onto someone else. Those who work to execute the killers of their loved ones are choosing the dead over their living loved ones. They keep rubbing the sore (of the crime) rather than engaging in healing.


American Bar Association: Executions are racially and economically biased (the poor and not the rich who kill are executed).  The ABA found many to be incompetent in preserving DNA evidence while a death row inmate remains behind bars. There hasn't been police interrogations recorded and no state has met ABA standards inproviding counsel for indigent prisoners.


A black man on death row is 3.8 times more likely than a white man to be executed.


P G Wodehouse when responding to someone who used racist speech:
"I don't hate in plurals." -
Saint of Shirdi: Bullets do not eliminate darkness.
Amnesty Internation:  UN opposition to death penalty grows.https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2020/12/un-opposition-to-the-death-penalty-continues-to-grow/


As only 5 states, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas, all with Republican governors, only 10% of US states, executed prisoners in 2020. There were 13 federal executions, almost double the 4 in TX, and 1 each in the other 4 states. Internationally, only 20 of 195 countries murdered prisoners in 2020. It is time to elect 1 justice every 1 or 2 years . The US instituted direct election of US senators a century ago. It has long been time for direct election of justices.



Whether one is a believer, agnostic or atheist, in every faith and ethical system are those who oppose death chambers.

Some Christians support politicians and judges who kill prisoners.

Jesus stopped an execution in progress. "Let him without sin cast the first stone."

David was never executed, though in lust he deliberately sent the husband of the woman he desired

to the front lines.

Cain was not executed for killing Abel in jealousy.

Moses was not executed for killing the Egyptian in anger.

Paul was not executed for killing Christians in obedience to a violent government.

Governor Jesse Ventura said when he ended Minnesota executions, as others had said before him "Thou shalt not kill is not asterisked with



God is infinite mercy.








(Since 2004, the FDA has required a warning on all antidepressants because of their correlation to
homicides and suicides)



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The Great Phoenix

The Great Phoenix 


“The end is near!”, no animal would believe the ravens. A great prophecy about some big and all-powerful creature descending upon the woods would be passed from generation to generation.


One day, when Eagle woke up and looked at the sky, there was something odd: it was red. He flew out of his nest and realized that the forest was empty. He flew above the trees, thinking it could be the day the ravens were talking about. He flew all the way up to the precipice no one ever got close to, and finally saw it. It was bigger than any other animal It had wings with feathers that looked as strong as the rocks that built up the mountains. They were red, as the most intense flames ever seen, with a brighter yellow than that of the sun.


“The Phoenix” said Eagle. It was supposed to be an ancient bird, wiser than all the animals together. Stronger than a lion, rhino or any animal that ever inhabited the Earth. Rumors said that every once in awhile it would come to judge, to determine which animals were worthy of inhabiting the Earth. He was the Protector.


Animals were constantly fighting each other, and they didn’t have had peace for a while.

Eagle looked up and saw how the Phoenix spat fire into the air and all around. But there was something weird, the fire didn’t burn the trees.


There was a line of animals, all waiting to be judged by the Phoenix. If an animal had behave well, the Phoenix would spit his fire over the animal, and it would leave unharmed. However, if it had behave badly, the fire would burn them down to the bones. Phoenix was the judge, the fire was the hammer, and death or life would be the sentence.


Eagle flew down and landed at the end of the line. He wondered if it was fair that the decision of someone to live or die should be taken only by one. He asked himself why wouldn’t the Phoenix give a second chance. But lastly, he asked himself if he would survive. He was trying to remember if he had done something bad, and hopefully something so good that could spare him. He feared for all his friends he knew wouldn’t make it. But mostly, he feared all the things he would left unfinished.


The line became shorter and shorter. While some left crying, others never left.

“Come closer”, Phoenix said.

“Dear Phoenix, I know I hurt so many and helped so little,” said the Eagle. “but it was because of my instincts, I’m a natural predator. I must kill to survive.”

“I know that. But ask yourself...how many times did you kill for hunger and how many times for amusement?”


“I don’t take pleasure in burning the unworthy. But I know that in order for this world to become better, it must burn and be born again.”

The Phoenix spat fire over Eagle. As he closed his eyes, he understood: everyday was on its own a second chance.


Judge Not Roses

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Should one judge

a rosebud

for not being



Should one

judge a rosebud

seated on his

thorny throne?



-saiom shriver-

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