elan vital

[Her] Genuine Smiles [Are Against Others' Wiles]

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 11.02.2022 [04:20]; 11.01.2022 [06:26]:


Added "(but, of course)" for clarifying what I was meaning & to create a more

fluid free-verse composition according to my current whim and drift.  Also, I have added some more hashtags/tags (e.g., kataware-doki, kataware doki, Zen Buddhism [two words], and tebineri, esp. rustic beauty to emphasize what I have meant by some of its thematic relations/topics that I indirectly/directly broached).  Thank you.


2. Upon rechecking & reviewing if there is anything that I missed, I found "subtance" to be a misspelled word and & an error which is on my part.  Therefore, I apologize for this mistake (it has now been corrected.)



Uncorrected form of the verse:


"Every mark, marked

in its subtance;

people's irritable
lifestyles, their suns!"



2. b.  Added another hashtag "#rusticity"


timeless poet

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07.12.2020  21:06

My haiku is inspired by the subconscious/conscious reactions, primarily just an immediate reaction or from the possible impressions of the violin playing of Karolina Protsenko (specifically her renditions/interpretations of popular songs, by that time "Beauty & the Beast" was the song that she performed at Santa Monica, CA; that information was according to a recorded video interview in a TV show, as told by that show's host/hostess).  This particular haiku was inspired by her artistry at such a young age, yet that which I've composed particularly right after seeing many of her street & other performances (specifically after witnessing how spectators/audiences have been shown/recorded to have unfeigned reactions to her musical genius by and by).  Thank you for reading on. 




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Moral Intuition of Moral Theorists

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited on 01.24.2020:



I just happen to have reviewed or double-checked this particular poem, too, while doing rechecking/reviewing of my entries lat time.  And I noticed a misspelled word in one of the hashtags (i.e. #presuposition, incorrectly input).  Thus, I thought for a while that just would retain that misspelled hashtag after all.  I would do that and then add the correct word (i.e. "presupposition", neither mistyped nor misspelled this time) so that anyone who mistypes a hashtag for "presupposition", just in case, would still find his/her way to a page in PostPoems that contain the correct hashtag which he/she meant to type/input (which is #presupposition).  Thank you for reading on.