mount fuji

 Mt. Fuji (Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Honshu, Japan..)

Photo Credits: Felipe Alves, Pexels.com/a Public Domain picture








mount fuji





he misses japan

truly extraordinary nippon

as if an edenic wanderlust that

turns him on



surely every country

have cultural aspects

and social values

and traditional views



and despite all

that has been said

of cultural variances

don't you ever wonder

why they remain









Photo Credit (below):  Max Bender (Pexels.com)/Public Domain

Free Photo of Mt. Fuji;w/ Old Temple facade.. (Fujinomiya, Shizuoka..)


[Her] Genuine Smiles [Are Against Others' Wiles]








[Her] Genuine Smiles [Are Against Others' Wiles]

No beauty is going to
be there
for things that do not wither

(I suppose)

We see what's beyond
(the mists between us),
Just like their Renaissance

A happy, wilted leaf
(On That Pavement),
beyond belief—

—Stairs to your Zen garden,
[but it's all tall fences],
colors are..that golden

Every mark, marked

in its substance;

people's irritable
lifestyles, their suns!

Yet we woke up
barely having known
those chafed edges

(these artificial vessels or furnitures

or implements of our dreams)
its beam of natural light,

not the fixtures, when it gleams

—content in the simplicity
of the God-given days

(but, of course)

also, for every nighttime,
when there isn't a rhyme

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 11.02.2022 [04:20]; 11.01.2022 [06:26]:


Added "(but, of course)" for clarifying what I was meaning & to create a more

fluid free-verse composition according to my current whim and drift.  Also, I have added some more hashtags/tags (e.g., kataware-doki, kataware doki, Zen Buddhism [two words], and tebineri, esp. rustic beauty to emphasize what I have meant by some of its thematic relations/topics that I indirectly/directly broached).  Thank you.


2. Upon rechecking & reviewing if there is anything that I missed, I found "subtance" to be a misspelled word and & an error which is on my part.  Therefore, I apologize for this mistake (it has now been corrected.)



Uncorrected form of the verse:


"Every mark, marked

in its subtance;

people's irritable
lifestyles, their suns!"



2. b.  Added another hashtag "#rusticity"