Breathe Him In

So what if we haven't a label? 
Feelings so strong
That he can traipse me along,
And I will be okay;
Because at least I get a part of him.
At least I can breathe in his breath,
Feel the hair of his chest beneath my fingertips,
Stare into his face as he sleeps,
And think of how I lucky I am to be near him.
I just need the chance to breathe him in.
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Written: 2/20/2018

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Baked potatoes and regret

i long for your comfort 

but dare ask not. 

I long for your attention

but give instead of got. 

 i must escape for sanity

reality crushes too harsh 

so instead i just retreat  

To the bites and Pages 

savoring the comfort, however meek

refusing to ask you

i seek to comfort myself

alone, with baked potato regrets. 

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On last November, it took some time for my emotional recovery 
Once again, you're on your next move and on the next sleazy discovery 
Those promiscous women you see are bad for your health 
Knowing you, it gives you pleasure to sink in lust for yourself 
Attachment scares you, doesn't it? When I became attached, you left 
We all may have our insecurities yet your maturity never grown up at all and you won't confess 
I am happy now but not way back then 
Admittedly, I was a teary eyed wreck, a mess and a damsel in distress who allowed you to win 
I don't know where I'll be if it wasn't for my friends 
Unlike you, they stuck by me to the very end 
My heart once ached for byou but there's nothing I can do 
To try to win your reckless heart would be in vain because you and I are through 
We never agreed to many things whener we converse 
I had high hopes and dreams meanwhile you talked about chasing skirts 
The only time I didn't feel like I was in prision is away from you in my own home 
Inviting silence welcomed me and somehow eases the pain when I am alone 
Heartfelt moments we once had refreshes in a cycle of memories 
From smiles to laughs, followed by kisses leading to passionate ecstasy 
Pride engulfs my spirit; something you can never fracture 
You lived a two face lie--I stayed real and didn't break beyond the obstacles during what you was after 
No one can love the real you ; Guess who had the last laughter? 

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