Draconis Blackthorne


13 o'clock, demon hour, turning backwards

Heartbeats at the toll call the Beast nigh

Infernalight at Duskening

Scent of The Abyss permeates the air

Candlantern sparks aflame!


Demonwinds, deviltails, whip the trail

Hounds moan, horses rear

Dæmonbulacrum, the time of fear!


In the dead of the night

Skullital treespectres leap from the road

...of shadow consciousness

Walking with The Devil

On the way to Hell

Side by side, brothers in deepest darkness


Long shadows in the darkness by the light of the moon

{"gasp! what is that?" "who is that?" whispers}

Black fog so thick framing the night

Concealing the creature that haunts the nocturne tide

In the corner of your eye...


Wide stride, trenchcoat, cane

Phantom diabolic bane

Daemon of darkness haunting your nightmares

Making your horrors come true


Dæmonbulacrum coming

Disappearing shadows by the side of the road

Turns your mind upsidown, inside out

Horns & claws, & cloven hoofs

Takes your soul away...! ∞