No Greater Love

The words were not encouraging
Their impact made her reel
She stood in total disbelief
Not sure of what to feel

"This isn't really happening
I feel like I could scream
I know that any minute now
I'll wake up from this dream"

She left the doctor's office
Took the stairs up to his floor
Then briskly walked toward his room
And opened up the door

He lay there in the bed
His face was gaunt and ghostly white
She wasn't even sure
If he would make it through the night

She ran her fingers through his hair
And leaned to touch his cheek
His breathing was so labored
He could barely even speak

She held his little hand in hers
And said, "I love you, Billy"
He tried to smile and whispered back
"And I love you, too, Mommy"

She told him he should go to sleep
And that she'd be right back
Then headed toward the chapel
As she got her thoughts on track

"God, how could you do this"
She questioned with her soul
"Why would you take him from me
He's only six years old"

"I'll never get to watch him grow
Or see his first school play
There won't be time for him to date
I'll miss his wedding day"

"But most of all, I'll miss his laugh
Those smiling eyes of blue
The way her used to show me
All the things that he could do"

"His birthday is two weeks away
He won't last another year
I promised him a party
But I don't think he'll be here"

She suddenly felt tired
Put her head down on the seat
And as she drifted off to sleep
She felt the warmest heat

Then she heard a female voice
That spoke so soft and mild
"There is no greater love
Than that of mother for her child"

"You hate to lose your son
He's been your child and your friend
But death is not a punishment
Nor is it just an end"

"I know this is the hardest thing
You ever will go through
I understand the pain you feel
For I'm a mother, too"

She left the chapel pew
With feelings swimming in her head
She walked into his room
And saw him sitting up in bed

"Mom, I saw a lady
She was beautiful and kind
And when she took me by the hand
I didn't even mind"

"She told me not to worry
I would still be turning seven
I'll celebrate my birthday
With the angels up in heaven"

He suddenly grew quiet
And she tried hard not to cry
Then kissed him on the forehead
And said her last goodbye

She buried her son Billy
One year ago today
But he is always with her
Part of each and every day

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