depression followed by happniness


How many doors must be slammed in my face

before I get the picture?

How many times must I suffer

the depression from the doors being slammed.

You say be patient, and I feel I have been...

But I must now ask, When?


When, I ask, will it be my time?

I know I'm wrong for wanting it now,

for I know it all comes in time, but again I ask..

When will it be my time?


I see others around me, who work and who strive,

who claim they are walking with you, Lord.

They give so little yet they get so much,

and yet their time is filled.


For I know, Lord, you hold the keys.

From death and Hell you delivered me.

I'm growing more desperate with each passing day,

waiting for the chance, waiting for my time.


When, I ask, will it be my time?

I know I am wrong for wanting it now.

For I know it all comes in time, but again I ask...

When will it be my time?


The answer comes within the question.

For you see, that time is not upon this earth.

For those who receive their treasures here,

lose those treasures when they leave.


And those who are lucky enough to do without.

Have their treasures when they go.

It isn't my time now, Lord.

Because you have given to me,


The time which is meant to last a lifetime,

that time, is eternity.

Thank you for listening to my ranting, for enduring my annoying rave.

For through this asking about my time I realize, that it was my time which you did save.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This came at a rough time for me.. but I think a lot of people can relate to it.

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What He Has Done


At one time my skys were gray

Everything was going wrong

And everything made the pain worse

I couldn’t even listen to a love song


Then he came into my life

Now love songs are all I wish to hear

My skys are cloudless and blue

And all I desire is for him to be near


It is everything I ever wanted

And things I never knew existed

He is one of the greatest people

That was ever in the book of life listed


 There a time I wished

That death would take me away

I was tired of dealing with the world

I didn’t care what anyone had to say


Now I wish to lie forever and a day

With my baby right next to me

For this is the only way I wish

My life is ever to be


You may not see his perfection

But he perfectly fits next to me

If the past was horrid without him

The future will be a perfect cup of tea



Written on

November 22, 2000 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about being deppressed and then finding love.

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