A to Z

give me a letter
twisted and beautiful
like butterfly wings
to fly to some magic lands.

give me a word
sharp as a razor blade
to cut them off
and fall like blooded rain.

give me a number
triple six and wine
to hide and reborn
ashes to sky.

give me an apostrophe
from A to Z
beginning to end,
to finish this poem.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

short and sweet...
Jesus, i can actually write some colourful words too

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Arianna Power's picture

very nice work... quite lovely.

c'est vrai.

<3 arianne

poetvg's picture

Awww i love this poem
it is so short sweet and
touching wonderful work
ciao for now peace @ joy .

Morgan Demers's picture

This poem is my favorite. It's so simple, yet so gorgeous. Perfect. The first and second stanzas are so vivid with the imaging you used, I can see the pictures through the words. I love poetry like that. I'm sure that being born on the same asteroid of the little prince must've influenced your great writing skills, though ;)

Misty Lackey's picture

I see a huge letter sitting high on top of a hill under a sky reaching for words from A to Z. I dont know sometimes I feel this way when I am searching for words to write poetry.

Dead Poet's picture

Here's a letter E for your effort but wait, that's not enough Here's a word wonderful that's the type of person you are wait, that's not enough Here's a number 1 there's only one of you you're a one of a kind wait, that's not enough here, i'll give you A to Z and i'll just let you be you can give yourself the greatest pleasures for you are unique