writers block



My pen shakes spilling
earthquakes upon an empty page
painting white lies
upon an empty canvas
the words stuck on repeat
rhythmic with the last song played
while the amber crusted leaves
still lay red
in a coat of blood

darkness fist fights with light
just like i wrote last night
daggers still glued
within my scabbed chest
painted by my steady hand
a calendar ago
when i matched my rhymes in lines 
like twins of sin

i weep to explode ink
and burst like broken water-mains
starving to feed the flame
 of extinguished fires

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"A Tale of Writer's Block"

Just a thought!

Awaiting that one script of fulfilment, it eludes your quill

Only to allow sorrow and angst to ink your pen

Your soul churns out yet another dispirited memoir

Your heart still stained, lacking an equitable suitor

Your eyes tainted, you only see injustice

A page missing, an unfinished novel...

Your life's story... "A Tale of Writer's Block."




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another thought inspired by others i've read'

Undefined Art

Poetic Boosts

Think of something
Think of anything
Think quickly
Ignore the distractions
Allow a thought to linger
Instead of confusion

Think of inspiration
Think of imagination
Think in focus
Blocking out entertainment
Instead of writers block

Think of possessions
Think of obsession
Think in literature
Let the pen run wild
Amongst the paper

Think of details
Think of wods
Think parallel
Write to match the lines
No need for a definition
Art is undefined

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Writers block.

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I've Got Writer's Block


I've got writer's block!
I can't write anything else.
Nothing else is coming to mind,
my thoughts are locked up.

There's a big black cloud ,
that's covering my thoughts.
I try to push throught the blackness,
but just run into a black, concrete wall.

There's no way for me to get by,
I shove, and push, and pound, and climb,
but cannot get through or over it.
Not today, at least.

So I have to give up,
and hope for the best.
Hope that I'll be able to
get through in the next few days.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks to Beavis for the inspiration for this poem to come pouring out of my head!

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*Tick Tock writer Block*

Tick tock you'll hear the clock,
Oh no it's thats writers block when you write some words then you stop,

you start to fluster then you realize and let it drop,
Tick tock writers block
unexpected what a shock!

The world seems silent as you fall deep into thought and you try to remember the things you were taught,

Surley theres something I could write especially with that fancy new pen that you bought,

Tick tock writers block,
When will it stop?

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