The Good & The Evil

There are those who whisper,

Shadowed in the darkness


Those who hide under the cradle,

As we take our nights rest


Those who float above our heads,

Watching, laughing at our weakness


These are those who live on the sea,

And strive on our downfall


There are those who live in the light,

Smiling at our kindnesses 


Those who catch us before we hit the ground,

And pray we heal fast


These are those who hold our hand,

From birth to death

And stand witness to our kindnesses 

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theyre always there, whether

theyre always there, whether for good or ill. Great

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Simple with a great topic and great execution.

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Wondrous Positivity

Very much liked the balance in a skilled write ~allets~



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 Thank you

 Thank you

by Sharfaa Adams

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Thank you

Thank you so very much for commenting on my poem.  It means alot to me.  You are also a great poet!




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You're welcome :). And thank

You're welcome :). And thank you

by Sharfaa Adams