Out of Sync

Feel so out of sync with time

stood still as it moved by
the wind through trees, could barely hear it
moonless night, could barely see it
Feel like in a dream 
face is old but mind is young
Happenings occur but nothing changes 
Cannot control the nights story 
The reality feels so scary
Choices will be made, paths taken
Only once, the clocks keep ticking
can never go backwards

The days of old

The days of old...
Pass me bye,
Gone and lost, like some kite,
Floating upon high.
And as the ticking continues,
The middle hand shadows its brother,
Old age creeps into your bed,
Like a familiar lover.
In the sea of faces
I am lost, and retreat back into the fold,
One of the many,
Now faceless and un-bold.
Not getting my stardom,
Not gaining the wisdom,
I am the hollow,
A lonely soul,
All one can do is follow,
Wallowing in sorrow,

Now is the days of the new...

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Fenced Dog

Wulfman Adventures

I am not a traveling dog any more.
I am fat and old, like a retired police K9.
I do better at home gnawing on a bone.

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Death of Beauty

Just poems

Love me not for what you see, my dear,
or for that which you can touch & hold.
For I'm not immune to the wrath of time,
you see...one day, I too will grow old.

My thick auburn locks will turn to gray
and my youthful glow will have faded.
My vibrant smile, like a flower, will wilt,
and once sparkling eyes will seem jaded.

My skin might look like an ill-fitting suit,
and gravity will cease to be a friend.
Wrinkles will devour my pretty face,
leaving my looks a memory, in the end.

So love me not for what you see, my dear
let what is unseen be why.
Love beyond what you can touch & hold,
for one day my beauty will die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some thoughts as I grow older...

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I've spent too many nights of too many days

Crying my eyes out and trying to pray.

And I fix my gaze on this dusty old book

Knowing not where and for what to look.

Yes, I want comfort, I need some right now,

But I’m clueless as for exactly how.

So this is my plea- I’ve sent up the white flag;

I ask you for help on what once I did brag.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's an old one..

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i could see me lying naked in your arms
i've been watching you from afar
i cant help but star, you like the cutest thing i ever saw
but im really looking at your personality
i asked around, it sounds like your just like me
but i could never tell you how i feel
and when you even wave at me it dosent feel real
when i hear your vocie pass thru my ears i hang on every word oyou say
its like your words just seem to stay
in my head, but any way
i'd willingly give you my virginity
what a shame
i can picture you thrust into me
while im shouting you name
it like cupids hovering over me
and hes got good aim
but i know when he shouts me ima feel the same
i just know i'll always be obsessively
in love with you, leaf
were meant to be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about some one i used to like a lot
he pretty much used me
but i found the strength to
put this poem i did about him up here
oh and leaf is a nickname by the way

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Perception of the generations and how they differ

To the old, technology is evil; a creation of the devil and the sign of the end;
to the young, its just a way of life; just another convenience.

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Dying Eyes


Dead eyes through the looking glass stare
gazing out from the face of time
upon the world beyond
the faded dreams
the lost thoughts
the long rotted memories
from beyond
the tomb of the lying crying forgotten dead eyes.

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Dear Old Friend


Dearest Friend,


It is past 12:00 am

I am laid down in my bed-

Not counting sheep, but thinking of you

It sucks because I can’t get you out of my head—

I think of all the good moments we had

The times you made me laugh and smile

During my most rainy days all the while.--

I think of your touch, your kiss

A passionate bliss.

Do you remember it?


You left, you were gone.

I realized it was just a dream. It is done.

My once colored world turned to a gloomy nightmare.

I wish you knew what I feel.

I am grasped in a sudden agony of despair; it’s so real.

I am Lost. Isolated. Miserable, Shattered, Alone.

Lost, isolated, miserable, shattered, Alone.

It is as if you’ve taken my soul.

And what’s left of me is my dead walking body.

I am nobody.

Things have changed. It’s different now.

It is as if I never existed. But how?

I don’t understand.

You don’t look at me the same way,

Or smile that lovely smile that would brighten my day.

Weird part is, you hate me

Yet I still love you.

Nothing hurts more--

Than knowing that he meant the world to you,

But you meant nothing to him.

At least, not today.

So I say to you these last words-

Thank you for all those precious moments you gave me

They mean a lot, although it didn’t last.

Heh, nothing does huh?

How stupid I was to think in fairy tales.

But this isn’t a fairy tale, its reality. Love fails.

I ask myself, should I regret loving you?

Oh, love may be cruel,

But if I didn’t meet you

I wouldn’t know its sublime power.

I forgive you. After all, all good things come to an end.

You were always my companion, my sweet, dearest friend.

So thank you.

I shall accept it and go home now.

It is time for me to move in a different path.

If I don’t, I will be doomed forever concealing this wrath.

But I tell you this, I shall love again.

You just weren’t the one.

It was nice meeting you Love,

Farewell, my dearest friend.






Author's Notes/Comments: 


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