An endless trip.


the dream you keep inside your mind
is one which bothers you tonight
'cause it is what will make you BIG
that will allow the things you did... ...not ever do...
...then notion will materialize
where there you meet your mirror eyes
that staring back to you
and all the things will pop in mind
that bring those abstract needs you back...
and bed thou sit on here tonight
will meet you one and many days
before the last ring'd rung
because the dream that bothered you that night
had bet you will
but you did not -
you thought that there is
plenty time to take
it up in future life
today when You rock in
a chair and see
young boy with cloud in thought
you say that 30 years back you'd
rather taken it by that*
and say inspire word to him
that may be he will carry
through entire his life:
"young boy, be gutsy in
your life and follow dream that'd
bother you one night..."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*taken it by that - to take the bull by the horns.

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