Kiss of Death


The dark night sky

blanketed by a sense of peace

settling and descending upon my fragile heart

circling me in the full waiting arms of its warmth.

I smile deeply into its eyes and feel my body lose all tension.

His lips part in a Chesire Cat smile as he leans in his lips barely brushing my own.

And then he settles those succulent lips upon my own and wraps his arms around me.

At first it is the most joyous thing I have ever been involved in and suddenly I cannot breathe.

Unwillingly my dark stranger who visits me in the dead of night with eyes like pools of an eclipse.

Has sealed my fate and stolen my already dying light, for I have accepted his kiss, The Kiss Of Death


Patiently waiting,
Quietly hoping
For that one chance
To see something beautiful.
To hold it in my hands,
To know it's warmth,
To feel it's gentle embrace.
Never knowing
If it truly existed,
Always hoping it did.
A soft whisper,
A light,
A hint for me to follow.
Believing I Have found what I have been waiting for,
And then the crushing realization that I have been waiting
For Nothing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've always hated the feeling of being let down.
Comments/thoughts appreciated.

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misguided by media

we call them savages
they call themselves warriors
we call them terrorist
they call themselves martyrs
we call them soilders
they call us murderers
we call them uncivilized
they call it culture!

everyone judges people from one side
without the thought the media lied
seeing everone as the enemy
ignorent and blind people is all i see
relaying messages from our twisted leaders
playing on the t.v. or your radio speakers
over exagerated news reports
making news more interesting the story distorts
sturing people into a fear indused frenzy
over every little overseas war discrempasy

feeding you lies
turn on your t.v.
brainwashing your eyes
now you cant see
force feed you shit
radio induced zombie
taking away your wit
that is not me! 

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A lie
Is something
You deny

It's something
That can't

A lie
Is not a favor
That will return

Something said
By taciturn!

Due to you

A person

Are awash, our

Very eyes

And every lie
Instilled in
Our demise!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited on 07.31.2019 (after noticing a sentence construction that did not make sense, grammatically; either because of its usage in English or a lack of a better way to render the verse due to my limited vocabulary or the initial emendation of the misused word "awash".  Please follow through with the exampled diagram below):


Are awashed with
Very eyes


Are awash,

Our very eyes

(emended version)

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