the ship that does not sail

will never be allowed to sink

the climber that does not scale the cliff

will not fall to his death

or so this, one would likely think

so then is it indeed not fair to say

that he who lets his fears stand

and walk before him will fail

before he is even given the chance to try

and then may I ask

is it because birds do not walk so terribly well

that they choose not so to run but rather to fly

or why are some moans of the greatest grief

often quieter than the softest sound of a saddened


so does not the said term to this very "IRONY" easily

enough apply


why is it not known yet

just exactly where Noah left his awesome old ark

and why do we see the night as our safe haven

from the sun's harmful rays and our very own selves

yet often associate incredible terror with the dark

maybe we will never fully obtain any exact answers

to such random inquisitions


I see perfect reason to end this ponder with a not

so simple one word question


I feel that alone should become my very own personal


perhaps it will be brought to immediate mind

on the very day that I am laid to the earth to die

and for that very same self promotional ad

on that very idealistic writer's journey

I will struggle somehow to embark


at least I will attempt to make a mental note

to try


let us hope that

that too on my part

is not a lark

swinging in the sweet by and by............

(Jan. 1, 1992 pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

an exercise in ironic thought or so I believed.

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