Ironic 7-19-00


You hear but don't listen

You look but don't see

You touch but don't feel

All the emotions inside of me.

You call but don't answer

You drink but don't swallow

You lead but fall behind

I lead and you don't follow.

You cook but don't eat

You buy but don't sell

You live but don't breathe

You ignore and say "oh well".

You toast but have no bread

You drive but have no car

You clean but have no soap

In life you won't get far.

You sleep but are conscience

Yo9u are hydrated but have no water

You bleed but have no blood

You were born but have no mother.

You paint but have no picture

You burn but have no flame

You are healed but wounded

I am wild yet you are tame

You laugh but are mad

You cry but have no tears

YOu smile but have no lips

I panic but have no fears.

You are popular but have no friends

You know the movies but have no t.v.

You know everything but had no school

My deepest thoughts will never be seen.

You are dressed but have no clothes

You talk but have no tounge

You build but have no wood

I am done but I've just begun

Author's Notes/Comments: 

some things are just kinda weird in life, and you don't realize it until you pay close attention.

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