All Lies


Bloated zombie

Float on screen

Deceit written large

Stiff bald face.

Dude eyes --

Speak in terms

Of deliverance.

The hungry journalists


Parched lips

Drink from lies.

Get stomachaches

Matter, top-secret

Saucy to expect

a share of our bread.

Dare the crowds

defy the head

Lap to swallow

all that's left

The cad's vacant promise

Of Righteousness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Actors play zombie for morsels to survive. They come from all fields of life..a stage.

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deborah's picture

Everyone is easily confused, there is a blind faith that extends beyond logic. It makes us want to believe in man.

Donkey's picture

It doesnt rhyme

Kevin Maimann's picture

Awesome poem, it's very true and I like the way it's written.

hhickson's picture

Insightful poem. Actors are but puppets, dancing to the tune of the dollar and ego. Journalists, driven by ego and competition to tell the truth as they see it, even when their brain realize it is but a lie, it is because they want to believe. It is like searching for your glasses all over the house and not finding them when they are on your head and you had forgotten that you put them there.

Hugs and Peace


boarster's picture

I don't have anything really insightful to share about this poem, other than it's one of my favourites of yours thus far. It's applicability is universal and your in-the-face poetic approach is perfect for these topics.