The Contradiction of Me

Maliciously peaceful

Always never the same

Truthfully manipulative

Tyrant and tame

Helpful yet disruptive

Enthusiastic, but dull

Wonderfully plain

Chaotic and in control

Lovingly ignorant

Angry and at peace

Young and mature

Totally incomplete

Occasionally consistent

Nothing and everything at once

Peacefully aggressive

Educated dunce

Rewarded and ignored

King of peasantry

Ignorantly intoned

Never have and always will be

Stylishly rugged, Matthew C. Perkins is my name

you often call me different, but you’re all just the same

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everyone is hypocrytical at some point. (So it isn't my best, it got the point across)

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Hans the Bodybuilder's picture

not bad dude, thought it was a very in depth look at what really makes up people and shows whats behind all the shields that we put up and also shows the raw feelings and emotions that go along with it so good job