The Siren: Twisted Tales of the Little Mermaid

A maiden sits upon a rock staring onto shore

There she lays her tender eyes upon an angel so sweet

She longs for him as she was no more

Than a Siren of the sea and had no feet

She desires him more and more everyday

Until one day he came her way

A siren's song is to hypnotize poor sailors and men

Into their doom and she knew it too

For everyone knows that death is upon them when

They see this omen of life withdrew

And her song like poison will stir men's hearts

For that is one of the Siren's bitter parts

As day after day passes her desire burns hot

She wants that man heedless of the danger

That she will put him through. For her soul would rot

If she could not have this handsome land stranger

Her fury grew as she sang her cursed melody

So he was enchanted and walked slowly into the sea

He was blinded by her song and her radiant beauty

As she called him forward to her greedy clutches

He smelled no death or blood, but the fruity

Scent of bliss as she reached and touches

His face so perfect and leaned in to kiss him

Estacy filled them both but still his fate is grim

She wants him more and leads him on

To the deeper parts of ominous blue

The man lusted the Siren as her spell had drawn

Him to her with her devine beauty so true

That he became nothing more than a slave

To her powers and followed her to his watery grave


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Quietly the grass whispers the secrets

Tickling the fancy of the fairies.

Sounds echo across the mossy mat

As dormant creatures arise

Dark in the tall green grass

Whispers are heard through the wind

Lightly touching with their blades

What they hear are welcome mats

From green fingers within

Gently touching the pleasure pads

Of lowly creatures bare

Making there way to better places

Comfort is waiting there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A late night out with a friend in the woods helped me think of this one..

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Dust in the Wind


Wanderlust upon the brow
As seasons pass tick by and growl.
Sediment pours into my mind
Like an ever growing ocean of man kind.
This need to be fills within me
The vastness of the Red Sea.
If ever I should quest
Upon my feet for years, then laid to rest.
I shall wander the earth
As I was meant from birth.
These seasons pass yet still I am here
Every day year after year.
Upon one day I shall not be
But dust in the wind, and then I shall see.


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In a land of honeyed blossom rare

Where streams of purest, water formed

While wandering in a valley there

Night seemed strangely lit and warmed

Upon a ridge I spied a flame

Which burnt with a celestial light

And seemed to open up the night,

Such brilliance from it came.

Below it danced and twirled a maid

Around the greenery in the glade,

And as she flew her feet lit sparks

Which like bands of fireflies danced

On perfumed air, as songs of larks

Sweet voices floated as she pranced.

I saw this bright enchanted scene

Enacted in this valley green,

All by that glow enhanced.

As I watched my heart knew joy,

A lightness never felt before.

The maid she flashed a smile so coy

Forget I cannot evermore.            

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lustful fairy


fairy it's been a while

i'm restraining my emotions

digging deep not to lose my mind

if i let loose then both of us

are going to wind up between the sheets

i'm not going to give in to your lust

for one night

just to hear how you hate me

in the morning

like lustful fairy dust

i'm addicted to the things you do to me

loving me

touching me

kissing me

its not like me to turn away  

to avoid the wrong emotions

i must

turn from you

lustful and sweet you are

my little lustful fairy

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I wanna go home and climb in my bed

Close my eyes and relax my mind

Think about how I want to be treated, teased,

licked, touched, fondled, sucked and fucked.

Imagine how it would feel again,

To have your body against my bare skin.

To feel your hard stiff hardness up against

my butt as you hold me around my waist close

to you, feel you licking my neck and ear too.

Touching my breast with such a sensual touch,

Making me want you just that much.

Roll me to my back and climb on top,

As I take in this slow grind with that thing that is harder than a rock.

Not just hard but think….yes thicker and harder than Chinese arithmetic.

Place a hundred kisses from my head to my toes,

This is my game, my rules and anything goes.

From top to bottom, right to left,

I know you’re anxious to know what comes next.

Place your tongue with precise precision,

On the tip of that clit be my decision.

Gently stroke this with a continuous rhythm,

To make my body relax then go into spasm.

Then come on slide on in,

As this escapade begins to become more intense.

Stroke me but make sure you do it right,

So I can feel your balls smacking me all night.

Sounds funny? Well that’s part of the thrill,

Even determines how you make me feel.

From you kiss to the strength in your hands as you part my thighs,

Can determine just how much you make the mood right.

Just by the way you allow my name to roll off lips.

With pleasure as you bust, gets me off, do you believe this?

With satisfaction after consuming a gourmet meal.

Umm……….for real

Da ExoticPoet 2008

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That simple and that complicated.

I want to breath him in and hold my breath just so he would see...that I would suffocate forever just because I want him near me. I want to show him what love is supposed to be, when you can't live without the person and you are just happy. His mystery  makes my heart overwhelmed with fear, which is what makes my body tremble when he comes near. I want to feel him with every part of my soul, just lay in his heart to fill an empty hole. For once I don't have to bed for attention, or talk about things I don't like to mention. I get so lost just listening to him speak..just being around him makes my body weak. It trembles, it shakes, it always wants more. His face,his smile,his presence is what I most adore. He is the best thing I have ever taken a breath of, yet the worst toxin..oh yeah it's love.

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You're such a classy second act

Sit upon your throne, my mighty

And be as if you've always been

Reign concrete upon the wire

Smelt it all to the ends of us

Bring the pain through paradigms

And finish it before your children can.

Legions fall to the waxing on

Forced to weigh themselves along

Lifting fortunes and tipping wage

While ruin's roots will carry on

And be, through being, to define yourself then

To distinction and junction, your front line's rear end

Nothing and no one can hope to extend

A hand, of warmth, and witless pretense

Your blitzkriegs and air strikes fall a bit short

The leaches, delusions, the shell shock in tote

Evacuate in time and insist it's too late

To salvage the bulk from what we create

Say that one word

Reinforce and remind

Push forth the retort

And refuse to define

Believe in your sense

Disregard the misuse

Make your demands

And ignore the issue

And in the decline you'll be set and prepared

To fly to the islands with the world which you've shared

Set upon life and without a thought saved

You'll be beach ridden filth without guilt to deprave.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've been so inspired by music lately.

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The Journey

There is a journey,the greatest one of all

It is the journey to myself

Where have I been?

I have been amongst the illusions of others

And the darkness within myself

I see so clearly now

The errors of my compassion

And who I truly am and will become

Kishelemukong,holds me up in the arms

Of the greatest of all

The Love of the Creator

Blessed and ready to walk this road

The red one,that takes me home

The prospects of any kind of amazement

Young chubby hand in mine

The daughter with kaleidescope eyes

And the wisdom of a elder of many years

We are growing our wings and about ready to fly

On our magical Indian ponies to the rainbowed skies

Where there is only positive essence and flow

Of all the spirits that guide us and make our hearts glow

No mortal man will stand in the way

The Cool Girlz of Florida are ready to play

Magical Indian ponies,get ready let's go,take us where

we need to go,bring love and happiness to guide our way

and make this a place permanent to stay....

Yah tah hey~

Wind Fuentes c

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