black raven takes flight

the best predators have been known to stalk its prey from afar

a silent stare from high above having all movement memorized with primal precision

awaiting the fall of night to cripple the senses as I follow your trail

perched with anticipation, my eyes on the main vain, my target is set

the echo of darkness cannot protect you as I stand ready for takedown,

a push into the wind with wings spread wide

the black raven takes flight making its final call as you turn and take notice

burrow as you might, my reach is far, my reach is strong, a force that requires little struggle, only silence

a submission of will that paralyzes, with limbs pinned,

a sudden  realization of no escape stuns as I hold you firmly within my grasp

you belong to me, you are now mine to take in

I swallow you whole, no resistance, no pain

surrender yourself, give me absolute power

I stand triumphant, another successful strike, another successful night

this black raven who has descended from high above turns to look about

catching a familar scent lingering downwind

allowing its hunger to grow once again

ready to feed

looking for more...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was insipired by, guess what, a black raven I spotted on the side of the road while on the highway. That among other circumstances of course...

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