Dragon's Revenge

Night falls and my day is dawning,

I awaken and begin yawning.

Hidden deep within this dark cavern,

Forced into solitude by men of the tavern.

But comes the night, I am on my own,

And I repay them as a mighty dragon.

I leave this place and take wing,

And vent my fury on those miniscule things.

As I fly, their banishment stirs my ire,

Then they pay in my consuming fire.

They know not it is me, they banished long ago,

And those I have faced will never know.

Crispy and crunchy, I will give you that,

Tasting a lot like rosemary chicken with a butter pat.

Come the dawn I return to my lair,

To take my rest in my easy chair.

Come the night once more to roam,

Til the sun begins to rise then it is away home.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just for fun.

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