Soft Kisses - EROTIC (Mature content)

Soft Kisses

Soft gentle kisses; placed on your neck

Tenderly moving, to your lips; luscious and wet.

Passion burning hot, our hearts are on fire

Your body trembling, with lustful desire!

Moving ever so slowly; to your bare naked breast

First one; then the other, I nibble and caress.

Words; whispered with love, for only my ears

Trust in my love, you have nothing to fear.

Soft gentle kisses, you bestow unto me

Looking deep in my eyes, where, love’s all you can see.

Held in your arms, we both feel the need

To show our love; as our passions; we feed!

Making wild love, where nothings held back

Fantasies once hidden, we turn into fact.

Exploring each other; with hands, lips, and tongue

Discovering an eternity of love, in a few hours of fun!

I lay at your side, my head on your breast

Your fingers stroking my cheek, as we joyfully rest.

Unspoken words; are shared with no sounds

Love’s been unleashed, it knows; no bounds.

Tender soft kisses shared between two

No doubt in your mind how I feel about you.

Rolling down your cheek; is a, single tear

Because… you’ve finely found love

It’s with me; my sweet dear.

©2005 Paul (ChryWizard). Posney

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Candles & Wine (EROTIC)

Candles & Wine

Candles lit, romance in the air

Wine filled glasses, just the two of us there.

Tender kisses on lips and throat

Reciting for you poems I wrote.

Slowly clothes are falling away

Passions burning hot; no longer at bay.

Hands roaming and feeling, in lustful quest

Bodies trembling, flesh upon flesh.

Lips to breast; both yours and mine

Minutes tick by, in lover’s time.

Down to your navel; my kisses roam

Even further down, my tongues; found home.

Ecstasy engulfing, your body responds

Together our passions, joyfully bonds!

Climatic release, as you scream “Oh Yes!”

What I’ve done for you, you could do; no less.

Within your body, you take me in

Through lips I’ve kissed, your pumping begins.

Using your tongue, as a warm; wet guide

Slowly, in then out, I slowly slide.

The sensations you’re causing, pulsing through me…

Are like… blissful jolts, of electricity!

Finely your power, takes me to my peak

Wave after wave, I can’t even speak.

Explosions of light burst before my eyes

My only sounds are; soft moans and sighs.

Once you’re sure; I’m completely sedate

You cuddle to me closely, and; patiently wait.

Until once more; I’m ready for you

Then, passionate love; we’ll make for two.

Candles burning slowly, until they’re gone

Making love with you, all night long.

©2007 Paul (ChryWizard)  Posney

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Slippery & Wet (an Erotic tease)


I fell asleep….

Fantasies galore…

In one you were bent over

Screaming “More, more, more”.

I pumped a little harder

Then I heard you groan….

“There, Yes there” you excitably moaned.

You pushed once more

As I gently pumped again…

The car rolled out of the mud hole

That we were stuck in.

(You did realize you were pushing the car as I pumped the gas… Right?)

©2004 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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