Candles & Wine (EROTIC)

Candles & Wine

Candles lit, romance in the air

Wine filled glasses, just the two of us there.

Tender kisses on lips and throat

Reciting for you poems I wrote.

Slowly clothes are falling away

Passions burning hot; no longer at bay.

Hands roaming and feeling, in lustful quest

Bodies trembling, flesh upon flesh.

Lips to breast; both yours and mine

Minutes tick by, in lover’s time.

Down to your navel; my kisses roam

Even further down, my tongues; found home.

Ecstasy engulfing, your body responds

Together our passions, joyfully bonds!

Climatic release, as you scream “Oh Yes!”

What I’ve done for you, you could do; no less.

Within your body, you take me in

Through lips I’ve kissed, your pumping begins.

Using your tongue, as a warm; wet guide

Slowly, in then out, I slowly slide.

The sensations you’re causing, pulsing through me…

Are like… blissful jolts, of electricity!

Finely your power, takes me to my peak

Wave after wave, I can’t even speak.

Explosions of light burst before my eyes

My only sounds are; soft moans and sighs.

Once you’re sure; I’m completely sedate

You cuddle to me closely, and; patiently wait.

Until once more; I’m ready for you

Then, passionate love; we’ll make for two.

Candles burning slowly, until they’re gone

Making love with you, all night long.

©2007 Paul (ChryWizard)  Posney

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OK... I'm ready... show me

OK... I'm ready... show me what you got!  LOL