"Valiant Time"

by Jeph Johnson

The barbs only hurt

When I pry them from my heart
Or when Cupid's aim missfires
On my lover with his dart
Mid-February shivers
To find my Valentine
It has the arsenal of arrows
In his quiver in a bind
They're flung with frantic fury
Nearly everywhere I go
Yet few fulfill their duty
When he sports a crooked bow
One finally hits the center
Of the bullseye in my brain
I saunter over hoping
To her heart he's done the same
Then find out way too quickly
Yet still not soon enough
How smooth and softened skin
Resists his arrows like it's tough
The darts are nearly painless
And kept in sharps containers
While the caustic arrow's anecdote
Is bottled up for later
When the parade of lovely ladies
Will come marching through my life
Girlfriends, partners, lovers,
One night stands and even wives
Ya see Cupid's bow is careless,
It won't do what it should
Tries to make me Casanova,
But I feel like Robin Hood
So I draw that bow myself
Take aim at my own bliss
It always hits the target
For in my mind I never miss

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