Do Not Cry

My son, do not cry,

I realize you have a life.

Yes, I wanted to see your face,

But I know how we get caught up in the rat race.

Fear not my son

I will be watching you,

Take that to the bank,

For you know it is true.

I ask that you learn from this

To make time for those you will miss.

Time seems to be so short,

When we are constantly running sport.

Stop and take a deep breath,

Go see those that are near death.

It is okay to grieve,

Just don?t do it for me.

I am now in a better place,

No more dogging the rat race.

I am so happy here with the father and son,

My race is over but is not won,

Not until I am here with my loved ones.

Hug the family

Give them my love,

Remember son,

We are watching from above.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reply to REGRET by writer1024. Submitted with all due respect. May you be comforted in your time of grief. My condolences.

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