How many times can you be broken, before you can't be fixed?

How many times can you have it all taken, before you have nothing left to give?

Is it possible to run out of love?

I can give answers to all of the above!

I don't like the answers any more then you my friends

Because this right here, is where my love ends...

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Half a Queen

I never thought the day would come.


The love that used to swell up in my chest, lover, you know- the kind of affection that tightens your throat and awakens a storm of butterflies to stir up madness in your belly-




I grasp desperately at frayed heart strings, hoping upon damned hope that I would catch a fragmented piece of the blind passion I once felt for you,


Drowning myself  in the suffocating  fear of something far worse than loving a calloused man;

Losing the ability to feel at all.


The pain you've caused, the wounds your lies and deceit have inflicted, has left me numb.

I once knew how to forget the world and slip into a blissful ignorance as I rested in your strong embrace.


Now those days flutter in the recesses of my tired mind, and soon memories of what was melds together with dreams of what could have been,like a patchwork quilt forged from  the juxtaposition of the  life you promised us and the much bleaker reality, stitched together with missed phone calls and unexplained late nights.



When I think of these things, late late at night; when I realize I'll never learn to stifle the voice in my head that tells me your words are poison,


because I've learned that small voice tells more truth than your fallacy laced lips,

those are the nights I'm alright with not feeling.

Tonight I clutch numbness close to my chest, nod at the empty pillow, and  smile at the sound of sweet nothing.


Is all around me,
like ice that cuts to the core,
shivers of emptiness,
so much love to give,
but only Solitude answers my call ....


We could of been so good,
I opened to you like a rose pedal,
and you cut me like thorns,
as if I had no meaning ....


These tears fall and wont stop,
my tender heart once again broken,
Solitude my only companion and foe,
You, you will never know ....


I see your eyes, hear your voice,
but only Solitude remains true,
I wish you truly knew,
how completely I could of loved you,
held you so close with a true heart,
Yet only Solitude remains steadfast ....


I wish you peace, joy and happiness,
all the treasures it seems I'll never know,
my constant companion Solitude,
my friend heartbreak,
my meal emptiness, my cup thirst ....


You looked past my beautiful rose petals,
never touched or smelled my true sweetness,
letting the thorns get in the way,
an excuse to run and hide from true beauty ....


When will this Solitude cease,
My pain stricken heart know peace,
my heart fill with gladness,
the tears no longer flow? ....


When will my hero walk into my eyes,
tenderly embrace my broken pain,
fill me with happiness,
quench my thirst, and feed my hunger? ....


Until then I walk in Solitude,
I awaken to Solitude,
Solitude my only friend and companion,
my sole banquet, my bitter cup of wine ....


2:01 PM 9/18/2011Copyrights 2011-2016
Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To all the men who never saw or touched the delicate rose, only seeing her thorns ....

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