everything.... Everything..... EVERYTHING!!!

Pain and Heartache

They're going to take it all away!

everything... everything... EVERYTHING!

We tried so hard to pay to keep u---

(Trying doesn't matter I need money)

Give us an extension Mister!! Please we beg yo---

(No more extensions pay now)

Don't take our stuff away we nee-
(I run a business not a charity)

I know you run a business but please have merc---

(Are you serious? Do you have the money or not?)

No, we don't have the money but we ca---

(You can what? You're homeless what can you possibly do?)

We'll figure out something just give us some ti---

(I don't have TIME! Get out if you don't have it!)

Please sir EVERYTHING we own is there don't do thi---

(Whatever is in there is mine now. Have the money by tomorrow or else)

But pay day isn't until Frid---

(I don't care!!! If you want your stuff I want my money!)

Okay! Okay! We'll try because if we lose this we'll have

nothing..... Nothing..... NOTHING!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a train of thought poem so it may seem a little disjointed and choppy at parts

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Morningglory's picture

Nah, I liked it. Reminded me

Nah, I liked it. Reminded me of harder times in my life... Plus, I have some friends who have hit that rock bottom and ended up on the streets. I am fortunate enough at this point to have 0 debt. Makes life a lot easier. 

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DazedByLife's picture

Glad you did. And I haven't

Glad you did. And I haven't hit rock bottom quite yet but I'm on my way there I fear somtimes.