Black ink oppression

The graze of your touch stings like shards of glass..

making my heart tremble and shake inside it's cage of desolace..

and as i'm with you, I can feel the emptiness seep deeper, my soul is drowning..

leaking of darkness..


Black ink of despair. pour it all over me, drench my spirit..

it already feels too heavy to bare.

as you glance over, you'll see I was never really there..
perhaps I was just smoke passing through the air.. 

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MI6killer's picture

That was really good dark but

That was really good dark but slightly hoping(?) it was very good i liked it nice job

BlackRainbow0fHope's picture

thank you so much! ^.^ 

thank you so much! ^.^ 

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Dark As Darkness

Is desolace a word? It should be. Dark, as aways (you have attracted death in MI6killer's pix - oh so fine!) Be well ~~A