The Aura Can't Be Hidden



Whether it shows red with anger,

olive green with envy,

yellow with mentation

gray with depression

purple with compassion,

gold with purity

blue with serenity

pink with happiness

bright green with healing

or infinite unique

combinations of these,

an individual's aura

cannot be hidden

and never lies.


saiom shriver



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Gray (Day 7)

365 Day Challenge


The world was in color,


Bright greens,








Every beautiful color you could






Now I watch as the world


Loses some color.




My vibrant blues have turned pale,


My full and lively greens have wilted,


My once fiery oranges now burn more like embers,


And my once love filled red, has spilled into a residue.




The world has changed,


My colors are gone,


And they have left us worn and gray.


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Eyes Of Venus


Eyes Of Venus 

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Shakespeare gives

Venus eyes of gray

but Love has

myriad hues

of black, brown, hazel,

green, violet, blue

-saiom shriver-



Footnote: e.g. blackeyed susan

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Lost one

Faith is all you know.

You bestow it on me, so.

Inside, your knows-

Ten feet tall.
Slip towards the ledge.

You and I.

Push me below.

Wind took my breath.

Left me-

Laying on the floor.



Is white and black-

And pain,

Keep my hands shaking.

When you talk to me.

Your faith changed and,

You're never close to me.

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