My Love

Gone today

Was here before

What was my joy

Walked out the door

All that I lived

Now is gone

All is lost

What once was won


Nothing left

There’s nothing more

All my dreams

Crashed on the floor

My hopes are shattered

My vision’s battered

Forsaken, bereft

There’s nothing left

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it won

its eating away
from my inside n out
makin good memories bad
turnin love into obsetion
broken inside n out
feeding on the heart n soul
that thought had a chance
days are longer
nights are colder
to far gone
fallin into a early grave
hopin for the day it dies
hopin for the day im set free
Pulling me in
as i gasp for my last breath
depression and hate
drag me under
The end is near
lights fading
it won..

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