Voltaire lived in the early 1700’s…he was born in Paris, France….

His words still have meaning today…if we’d give them half a chance.


If we had the opportunity…to talk to the famous Voltaire

I imagine the first word out of his mouth…would be a word of warning…



Beware of your world leaders he might say…

they are not all compassionate and wise…

‘If you want to know who controls you…

look to those you’re not allowed to criticize’.


Beware of those who say how wise they are…

for there is usually insecurity behind it…

‘Cherish those who seek the truth,’ he’d say, 

‘but beware of those who find it.’


Beware of all the nonsense being spoken…

all the madness being tweeted.

‘Stupidity can appear as wisdom,’ he’d warn, 

‘the more often it’s repeated’.


He might say beware of those who are filled with arrogance 

with self-worship and pomposity

For ‘Those who can make you believe absurdities 

can make you commit atrocities’.


If he saw how easy it is for us to kill each other’s spouses, 

their daughters and their sons…

‘Beware of fools with power,’ he’d instruct, 

‘beware of fools with guns’.


If he looked at the way we treat those in need, he’d say

Beware! We need to change our point of view…

‘For everyone is guilty 

of all the good they do not do.’


Yes, I wonder if Voltaire was still here…

if he was around today

would we conveniently dismiss his words…


or listen to what he had to say?

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Now that I am older…I love visiting the child I used to be

who would ride his bike out in the rain…or climb the highest tree…


Who believed in Santa Claus, saw faces in the clouds…

and never wondered why...

when he looked up on a moonless night...he saw starfish in the sky.


Who never cared about how he looked, or how much money his parents made

Who thought peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek were the best games ever played


Who could sit among the flowers watching the butterflies and bees…

Whose eyes were surprised more often…who was more innocent and free.


Now that I am older…I often stop to wonder…sometimes I fantasize

What the world would be like if we all grew up but kept our child’s eyes…


Would we be unable to see differences in our color, sex or name?

Would we smile and talk to everyone as if we’re all the same?


Would we welcome every visitor who enters through our door?

Would our world be one of peace and love?

Would we not think of war?


I have no proof things would be different…

but now that I’m older, as I say, I like to fantasize…

what our world would be like today


if we still saw it through our child’s eyes.

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Yesterday while watching the sun set

I thought how nature is so beautiful…

and yet


I find myself hesitant…afraid

at the world before me man has made


At all the horrible things we’re doing

At all the bitterness and hatred brewing


As the sun descended this thought entered my mind

There is a way to make the world kind?


And though this may be hard for some to swallow

I believe it depends on who we follow.


What if at sunset…when today is done

We stop following fools with power…fools with guns


And when we awake to a new sunrise

We follow only leaders whom we think are wise.


So at future sunsets we’ll just enjoy the view


Like, I believe, we were meant to do.

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When confused some people look to religion for peace and understanding..

others turn to the Tao, the Buddha and Zen….

Still others only need talk to a child


to understand life again.

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It’s not the destination

Or the beauty of the quay

It’s the making of the journey

And the learning, on the way

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If ignorance is bliss                       

Then something is amiss          

We just can’t be oblivious

When we need to piss           

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Do a good deed

Or fill a need

Say something nice

Or give advice

Listen a while

Or flash a smile

Show that you care

Or just be there

Display your feeling

To help the healing

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      pleasures of life


         not from riches


       from what we find


    our britches

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If you find money

On the street

Just, step on it

With your feet


So no one sees

What you have found

Just laying there

Upon the ground


Then, with no one looking                                   

Grab and tuck it

Very quickly

In your pocket

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