“When I grow up I want to be rich!” The young boy announced.

His father didn’t bat an eye.

“And what makes you think you're not already rich?” Came his quick and simple reply.


The son gave his father a look…somewhere between exasperated and bored.

“Because,” he said, “there’s so many things I want I know we can’t afford.”


The father listened…for he always listened…then knowingly nodded his head…and after a moment to think it through…”Here’s what I want you to do.” he said,


“I want you to get a sheet of paper and on it list everything which…when you are older, just like me, you think will make you rich.”


“List anything you can think of that will bring you celebrity, fortune or fame…and while you’re making your list…I will do the same.”


The son returned in no time…on his list was money, a big house, a new car and a boat…“This will make me rich.” He said. “Now show me what you wrote.”


“My list is very old.” His father smiled. “It’s a list that, hopefully, never ends.”

“The first item on my list is time spent with family and friends.”


“In fact you’ll find family and friends on my list quite often…they are very important to me…for I never would be rich without my friends and family.”


”You’ll find humor, gratitude and happiness on my list…to me…more important than prosperity or wealth…wisdom is also listed… as well as generosity…and good health.”


“Holding hands…hugs and kisses…help to make me richer every day

as well as eyes that see into others hearts and ears that listen to what others say.”


Sharing the sun as it rises in the morning…or in the evening as it sets…

I’ve listed the aroma of Nana’s cookies…as well as eating them…with no regrets.


My father handed me this list years ago…I’ve added a few of my own as you can see…

and now I give my list to you…with the same message my father gave to me:


He said, “If there is one piece of knowledge upon you I wish to impart…

It’s that you can’t estimate the true value of anything that is measured by the heart.


If you use your heart to add items to this list…quickly you will see…

how rich you’ve always been…and how rich you’ll always be.


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