Sapiens Mulier

They call us homo sapiens which is Latin for wise man

but I don’t think we’re as wise as those who labeled us had planned..


If you look at the world we ‘wise’ men have created…

which is leading to our demise….

not only have we not acted human…

but we’ve been anything but wise.


So perhaps the time of the wise man is over.

Perhaps there are better times ahead

if we retire the term homo sapiens

and use Sapiens Mulier instead…


I think we’ve given the wise man his chance…

It’s time to bid his reign adieu…

It’s now time for the wise woman 

to show what she can do.


Homo sapiens…we did our best

But we set the bar too low…

Sapiens Mulier…it’s your turn

to see how high that bar can go.


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