The old man loves spending time with children…loves how it softens his heart…

loves, given his knowledge of life, all the wisdom upon the chid he can impart.


But this child was too young to speak, however, the old man, being wise, 

knew they could communicate through their smiles…and their eyes.


Which means most of the wisdom he had to impart…would have wail until the child grows…and he spent most of their time together telling the child things he already knows.


When the child pointed to a ceiling fan (he loves fans) high above their heads…the old man turned it on and “Fan” was all he said.


When the child picked up a stick (he loves sticks) and waved it high above his head.  they both smiled and when their eyes met, “Stick” the old man said.


When the child pointed to a cat (he loves cats in any size shape…thin or fat) the old man calling on the wisdom he has gathered said, simply, “That’s a cat”.


When they picked a tomato together that was growing on the land…the old man said, “Tomato” as the child squeezed it in his hand.


As he watched the child walking barefoot in the leaves…changing directions on a whim…he began to wonder…if he was teaching the child or was the child teaching him.


Because the more they played their communication game the more the old man remembered…and began to once again understand…the simple pleasures to be found in a fan, a stick, a cat…and squeezing a tomato in his hand.


Long after the child left…the old man walked barefoot in the leaves…

his eyes lit up and he smiled….

thankful for the chance to remember what it was like to be a child.


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