I saw her standing in the grass…an owl…tiny, proud…but mute

which I thought odd because in the early morning owls usually love to hoot.


I‘ve heard owls are intelligent…and are said to be wise too

so, while I had her full attention, I thought I’d see if that was true.


I wanted to show this wise little owl that I had an intellect too

so I asked her existentially…”Little owl, tell me…who are you?”


“Who am I?” The little owl smiled, “as she looked up to the stars…

“Why who I am, who anyone is…depends on who you are.”


With that she flapped her wings and flew away.

I admit to feeling foul…

left standing in the middle of the street

befuddled by an owl…


But in my defense I am just a human. 

Wisdom in our species has long been overdue….

Which, once again, in my conversation with an owl

I discovered to be true.

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As I was rising to greet the day…well before the morning light

I found myself overlapping with an owl who was finishing up her night.


The morning air was silent…with just a hint of the slightest breeze.

This was after the crickets had gone to sleep and before the sun peeked through the trees.


I love this time of day…when the darkness runs so deep

It’s as if I’m wide awake at the same time I am asleep.


So I sat in total silence…I thought there was no one up but me…

Until I heard a lonely owl…and her soliloquy….


Of course I could not see or understand her

but she didn’t seem to care.

She kept her trilled speech going

and it floated to me…on the air.


Was her tale a tale of happiness?

Was it a tale of woe?

Was she whispering some secret…she wanted me to know?


Was she showing me her voice can be as pretty as the meadowlark?

Was she saying if we take the time

we can see things more clearly in the dark?


Was she saying never stop listening…because nature has so much to impart

if we not only listens with their ears…but also with our hearts?


I’ll never know what she was trying to say…

for she stopped singing at first light….

but I felt blessed she was there to wish me good morning


as I wished her a good night.

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